Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2nd Christmas In Our Caravan.

This has been our second Christmas in our caravan, this year we have had the big awning up. Last year we went to stay at "M"s Mum's partner of the time, in his garden. We were still surrounded by snow and ice so we could not put the awning up.

This year, its been very mild and as we have had the big awning up it is all decked out with fairy lights and a tree.

Christmas day for us this year was at The Royal Oak pub, I had game pate, followed by venison pie and a chocolate tart, "M", her Mum and her son had the more traditional roast turkey and all the trimmings and Christmas pudding.

We stayed there till around 1630 where we then drove back to Bournemouth to drop off "M"s mum. We also left "China" dog with her for the night as we were heading over to "M"s brothers house deep in the New Forest, and staying the night. He has two Great Danes, who would of probably been ok with "China" but "China" probably wouldn't of been ok with them! So as we didn't want to spend the evening pulling dogs apart "China" dog was spent the night on holiday!

This was the first time we had ever left her anywhere and it was strange without her. We had a good night, drank too much port and finally got to bed just after 0300hrs. I then spent the next day feeling rather rough!

We drove back, well, "M" did as I had trouble walking due to the amount of Port still inside me back to Bournemouth where we had a bite to eat and collected "China".

I was glad to get back to our home and relax. Our caravan really does feel like home and it was a good feeling to be back.

We have had a very slow start to the day today, we are off on another round of visits later and will be spending the afternoon at "M"s daughters and son in laws in New Milton. I'm driving today, so "M" can have a drink. 

Tomorrow, its back up to Shaston to tap some keys which I'm looking forward to. "M" still has time off!

We collect the clutch master/slave cylinder kit today, which means that on Thursday weather permitting I will be getting my hands dirty! Having never fitted one before it will be a bit of a learning curve, but in the words of "Del Boy" - "What could possibly go wrong"!

Hope every one had a great Christmas, even being the Christmas grump that I am, have enjoyed this year.

Thank you all who have left us messages and emailed us, sent us cards etc. As you know I'm terrible for doing things like that, so please take this as my personal thank you and best wishes.

Till later......................


  1. Glad you enjoyed Christmas. We were away in the caravan for 10 days over Christmas. Boy did we have some strong winds for 8 of those 10 days.

    It was nice (as usual) just the two of us and a few hours walk each day. At home OH likes TV in the winter evenings (not for me thanks). In the caravan we watched two animated films and two DVD's over the 10 days.

    Glad that the days we put up and took down the awning were only 10mph winds. Most days were 30mph with gusts probably up to 50mph. Still we were reasonably snug in the 'van and awning.

  2. Oops I forgot to sign my previous comment! Anyway give me a chance to wish you all (including China of course) a healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Easy T