Thursday, 15 December 2011

Security On Site?

I've got to be totally honest, we do not take security on site seriously at all!

Ever since I first researched living in a caravan full time I have been following a blog of George who with his RV lives full time on the South Western side of the USA. His name is George and you can find his blog HERE. An interesting chap who documents his life in a similar fashion to us.

Recently though, and this is all within the space of a couple of days, his RV or motor home has been broken into, both times whilst he has been in it!

It got me thinking about the security that we take here, and how lucky we are!

We have only stayed on one site where we felt uncomfortable, and we didn't stay there long, the rest of the places we have always felt very secure.

Where we are at the moment, we are very lucky that it is tucked right out of the way,  with no passing traffic, as we are almost 1/4 mile off a B road down a track!

So what security do we take. Well our caravan is alarmed, it has the standard door lock plus an after fit secure lock as well. It wouldn't stop anyone from getting into the awning though.

You hear of caravans being stolen, it happens on a regular basis, but I've never heard of one being stolen off of a site whilst it is being used. Has anyone else?

We tend to keep the blinds down when we go out, so if anyone does snoop around they cant see anything.

But, lets be honest, its probably harder to open a tin of beans than to break into a caravan!

So what could manufacturers do to make it harder?

I would personally like to see doors which lock at the top and bottom like your normal uPVC doors. As a caravan door is very flimsy and wouldn't take much of a yank to lever open.

So has anyone else got any bright ideas, please share as a couple of manufacturers do read this blog so you never know, your idea may be incorporated into 2013 designs!

Till later................

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  1. We had 3 caravans broken into on my road, including my neighbours. He had a full awning, TV and a few bottles of scotch taken. Thankfully the door lock was no problem to the thieves and a thin blade onto the nylon piece at the back of the door that engages the lock and a whack with a hammer and they were in. Very little damage to repair but a hefty loss of no claims discount. As the extent of the theft merited a claim being over £1,000.

    Trouble is make the door too secure and they will rip through the wet locker or smash a window.

    Last year a chap had arrived on site after a 5 hour journey to find that he had left his caravan key at home. It took me 5 mins with a crocheting needle to pierce the rubber seal under his kitchen window and push of the two locks. No damage other than a small puncture which of course closed together afterwards. His key was posted first class by his son that afternoon and was on site by mid day.

    One chap had his new £800 motormover stolen in a storage compound nearby. I suppose it is only half a dozen nuts to undo.

    Ten years ago I had nowt in the van worth stealing. Now there is a portable flat screen TV with inbuilt DVD player (seldom used more than once a fortnight), laptop, leisure battery, hook up cables, aquaroll, wastemaster and, in many vans, a microwave.

    Easy T