Monday, 5 December 2011

Its Been A Long Day!

Nothing for ages, then two posts within 24 hrs!

Just thought I would catch up with a few things whilst I think about it.

In no particular order, the light in our toilet has given up the ghost, I've checked all the wiring, and bulbs have been checked so can only think that a component on the circuit board has failed. So the hunt will be on shortly to try and find a replacement. It will mean a removal of the housing, but its only 3 self tapping screws, so no drama.

It's getting colder, the temperature has dropped this evening, and that's with it raining earlier as well. The sky is clear at the moment, just wondering when we will get our first snow?

I'm off tomorrow morning to have a drive in a bus! I am on assessment to see how I get on! I'm actually really looking forward to it, I've never driven a bus, the biggest vehicle I have driven is a 7.5 ton lorry and that was a good few years ago.

I'll let you know how it goes later tomorrow. I've also completed my CRB form, which was relatively painless and am now awaiting a medical.

I had to have passport type photographs taken today, which was an experience! I used one of those booths, no where to put your glasses, phone, car keys or hat. Why dont they have a little shelf in them? They ask you to centre your face, which is fine, but I cant see without my glasses on so had to keep bending down to retrieve my glasses. I half expected to have the shot taken with me no where in site!

In the end I got 5 photos of me looking like I'm sucking a lemon! This was due to the fact that the little voice in the machine reminds you not to smile, which immediately brought out the schoolboy in me and I started to grin. So to counteract that I had to pull a serious face! Not a good look.

Well, as it's late and "China" dog needs to have a wander out around the woods I had better get off of here.

Normal service now resumed

Till later................


  1. it,s just like buses nothing for age,s then two turn up all at once
    but glad you are ok and good luck with the driving

  2. Brilliant , glad to see you back and in better fettle.
    Always enjoy reading your blog as its about more than just caravanning , and great to see you opened a affiliate shop ...keep it there forever and encourage people to support you by purchasing all their amazon items through your blog page , it costs them nothing and although will only give you a little , it will likely build up to one or tweo free nights caravanning a month .
    I had a affiliate set up for 6/7 years it brought me in £150/£200 a year for six years then all of a sudden bang becuase of the main company getting extra publicity it brought me in £2k in six WEEKS ..what a pleasent surpuirse that was ...Ohhh the wonder of the net ! Keep Plodding and wish you well in your new driving adventures


  3. Hope the driving went ok, my other half has been a coach driver for the past 30 years. looking forward to hearing your adventures