Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Day 2011

Well thats another year done and dusted! We had a good night last night. Mr Gulliver true to form arrived alot later than he anticipated, but after a few beers here in the caravan headed over to the pub when Barry and Gemma (who recently got engaged)! turned up with one of Gemma's friends.

The band was not as advertised, it was a hard rock band which were ok, but nothing that special and by the end of the night were having to play the songs they started with, so obviously a limited set! However, it was a great night, with plenty of drink consumed. We didnt go for the Chinese buffet which was being served up as we had to pre-book and we thought it rather expensive, so not really a buffet? I thought a buffet was help yourself? "M" between gulping vodka did a good meatballs with spaghetti to get us off to a good start.

Walking over to the pub, Mr G said, looking forward to my kebab later, - Kebab? Your not going to get one of those around here! Its ok he said, I had one delivered to home last night, I can nuke it in the microwave later when we get back - He is so just so wrong!

We woke early, I was suffering from all over body ache, no headache thankfully. "M" seemed ok, a lazy day, I suggested a walk up Hambledon Hill, but then thought better of it.  So we drove into Child Okeford, which is a small village where I grew up and lived to the age of 6. We parked in the Church car park and had a wander around the graveyard, I found nearly all my relatives who are buried there. Apart from one, My Godmother, but Ive a funny feeling she has an unmarked grave, something which I think I will have to remedy. My Nans headstone has sunk on one side, giving it a squiffy look, which I thought was rather apt, as she spent alot of her time squiffy! She liked her Cider!!!! This is the church of St Nicholas, built on the highest part of the village. The buildings on the right are the old pig pens, I remember as a kid looking in through the windows at the piglets, the smell was ripe! Now its a house!

I then took "M" to where I used to live, I havent been back in years, all though nothing much has changed. The house a number of years back has been totally renovated, but I have seen it since they have done it so no further surprises. The one thing that amuses me  and is rather a nice touch is that they have named the house cobblers cottage. My Great Grandfather was the cobbler! If you look closely at the picture below you can see the old lintel where the large shop window used to be and the shop door. I remember these being in place.

Opposite was my Aunty Mabels old house, which is looking rather sad and neglected, she did the best ever bannana custard!

We then had a walk down to where my aunty Lil used to live, the house has been totally renovated and the two houses have been knocked through into one. Doesnt look anything special at all, and to my total horror and disgust it looks like they have cut down the very old yew trees that were at the bottom of the garden! I didnt think you were allowed to do that!?

The butchers in the village has closed and been turned into a house, however, they have called it "Joint House" so someone has a sense of humour!

Down the road is my old school, which has been turned into a house, the playground which was tarmac is now grass and a well established hedge and bushes are dotted around! I spent my first year at school here.

So there it was a trip down memory lane, must admit to shedding a tear as I stood looking at my Nans grave, she was only 52 when she passed away, I still miss her!

Back at site, the two other caravans are still here, having the same idea as us and deciding not to move on New Years Day. Wise move!

Taken from the steps of our caravan looking down towards the pub, we are right up against the hedge at the bottom of the field.

Finally a couple of China dog looking as if she knows what she is doing and checking out Twitter!

Till later..........


  1. Great post, sounds like a wonderful day. Keep the blogs coming and a happy new year to you both.

  2. Thanks, blogging is now a way of life and strangely finding it theraputic! Happy New Year to you and your good lady, and to everyone else who reads this!

  3. Hi,

    I found your blog yesterday by accident whilst I was searching for cadack bbq reviews!! ;)

    My wife and I (both 25) have been full timers for 75 days.

    In the Algarve at the moment, camping on families plot of land.

    Heading for England in the near future (will spend a few months on a winter Euro Trip) and are going to give it a try full timing in Poole and Bournemouth area that is were my family lives.

    Have read all your 2010 posts ;) realy interresting, later I will start on the 2011 ones.