Monday, 20 June 2011

Canford Vintage Vehicle And Steam Rally - Sunday

The weather has been better today, still a little overcast at times, but it has stayed dry!

Our engine has run all day without any problems, which is good, so its been a bit of a lazy day!

"M"s Mum came over to see us with her new dog, and stopped for lunch, which happened to be our breakfast (yes, that lazy).

By around 1500hrs it was starting to get a bit quiet, so I started to get things ready to go back to our unit.

One thing that always surprises me is that we as stationery engine owners are expected to have our engines running on show days between 1000 - 1600 yet if you own a classic car, you turn up around 1000 and go when ever you feel like it! We watched many cars and motorbikes leave from around lunch time onwards! Don't the paying public get to see these vehicles as well. If we are expected to run our engines then surely they should be made to stay till 1600.

Just a little gripe but if I was paying to come here I would feel a bit miffed to see the vehicles leaving as I arrived!

This appears to be common practice at many of the shows we have been to.

And on a safety note, traffic around the site should be kept to a minimum whilst there is the public around!

Talking about health and safety, I can now confirm that its gone mad! I heard that as of next year the tables in the craft tent have to be plastic and not wooden! Why, wait for it - Is it they present a fire risk? No. Is it that they are heavy? No, Is it that they have heavy duty metal legs and could trap or pinch a finger? No. Its because you may get splinters!

Ive heard it all! Some where in an office is a lunatic thinking all these stupid rules up. I just hope with all the cut backs that this idiot is given the boot, and sorry to his family, but never gets a job again!

So thinking about that little rule, does this mean an end to the wooden park bench? Wooden door knobs? Wooden chairs! Wood?

Just think of all the pubs that would have to close due to wooden bars! chairs, tables, beams, doors, windows, where do you stop! Ive heard of some stupid rules but this beats the lot!

Anyway, we got the engine and trailer safely back to our unit, came back and watched everyone else pack up.

I gave the stationary engine Marshall a hand pull in all the ropes and stakes, from a club with over 200 members they left a 70 yr old bloke do this on his own! I found this disgraceful and any club members reading this who wasn't here helping to pack up, which is probably around 170 of you I hope you are suitably embarrassed!

Its certainly put me off joining the club if that is the attitude of the majority of members. What does it take to stay behind after the show and lend a hand for a couple of hours.

The amount of work that goes into putting these shows on is amazing. But some of the little things can easily be done with the minimum of fuss and time.

Roast Pork with crackling was done on the Cadac, and very nice it was too, and by the time we had washed up and cleared away it was time for bed!

Its now Monday morning, "M" has left for work, leaving me behind to pack up, it wont take me long and I'm in no rush.

"M" just phoned to say that we were locked in. They have locked the gates as a security measure, which is fine, but not if there is no one to unlock the gates. What happens in an emergency? 20 mins later "M" has managed to get out!

Well best get on, its a little damp out there today, but not raining, off back to our regular camp site as soon as I've cleared here.

So, till later..............

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