Sunday, 5 June 2011

All Quiet Back On Site!

Over the weekend the site has been packed, not that it makes any difference to us, as the pitches are huge! Our nearest neighbour being over 100ft away! There was also a caravan rally taking place in another field.

Looked rather posh, the organisers had pegged out all the pitches, all in lines and close together, which considering they had a 3 acre field to themselves seemed a little strange. Perhaps that's how they like it? Personally, you wouldn't get me doing it! But, each to their own!

We were up early and went off and did Ashley Heath car boot, we did ok, considering it was overcast and windy, which made it rather chilly. There certainly wasn't the people selling or buying.

It did more than pay for a meal out this afternoon with friends Julie and Rob, who first recommended us to The Stocks Inn at Furzehill, Wimborne. We gave them a quick bell to see if they were free and we met them out there. We had a 3 course meal, the food being of the highest standard plus drinks and coffees at the end for a grand total of just over £110 for the lot!

I cant stress how good this pub is for food, take a look at the website to see their menu and if your ever in the area, its definitely a place to stop for food!

A busy week this week, again, trying to get everything done in a short space of time as we are off to West Bay for the vintage steam weekend on Friday! I also get a phone line installed into my unit on Wednesday, broadband with super fast connection - yeehaa!

Mark, my old friend has posted me a book on Mac as I'm still trying to get my head around the differences between PC and Mac. I don't think its difficult, just that being used to PC takes time to learn something new. Ive got a Mac up at the unit sitting there just waiting to be used, no point till the broadband is up and running.

Back to West Bay, its an amazing place, right on whats known as the Durassic coast, plenty of dinosaur fossils have been found, but it is suffering badly from coastal erosion which every now and again large chunks fall into the sea!

Well its been a long weekend! "M" has all ready gone to bed its 2122hrs! I don't think Ill be far behind!

Till later.....................


  1. Jurassic coast*

  2. spelling not one of my forte's but as I once told my old sales director, Im paid to sell not spell, so dont hassle me on the spelling - he left me alone after that!

  3. I just want to say I think your blog is fab, and what your doing is amazing. I have just turned 38 yrs young and suddenly realised I need to do something different to be able to achieve my goals of being debt free (nearly there!), have a holiday (not had one for 4 yrs), and save for a house deposit (paying ridiculous rent amount for someone else to be financially sound). So today is the start of my journey! Advertised on freecycle for a free caravan, and looking on ebay for a cheap one too. Its always been on my mind to live in a caravan for a yr to save cash but always worried about what others will say! you and M have made me think 'sod what others think, its my life!', so just wanted to say thanks, and good luck with everything you do. Jo

  4. Hi Jo, great to hear from you! There are plenty of inexpensive vans out there I looked last week just to see how cheap it was and found loads! We certainly dont give too hoots what folk think, and now 10 months in friends and family who thought we were mad are slowly starting to see why we are doing it. Of course there are always the few ignorant ones! Any help you need just ask, email us if you wish at no matter how daft you think the question is. Others on here will certainly back me up with support and answers for you. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!? Jools

  5. in france good food and weather you should try it

  6. Jo

    I am just 40 (did it in the caravan) and I too got sick of the way things are. I would recommend you do this esp in the summer months as this will let you enjoy this lifestyle and get ready for any longer term action.

    We are just coming upto the 2 month in the van anniversary and we are ever so happy. We have had the odd moment but all is overcome (nothing serious of course)

    There are many small and cheap caravans available and dont forget on most sites you get all the water / elec in the price so it is much cheaper way of living :) If you hate the neighbours you know they will be moving (or you move first).

    Who cares what people think, after all this is why the UK is in the state it is as people have been doing things for the wrong reasons (of course to try and impress others) so GO FOR IT, you will be the one laughing while others get sucked down the slippery slope you will walk out the other side with stories of adventure and it will help you save what you need to save in the interim.

    What a life.