Friday, 17 June 2011

Please - not another wet show!

I managed this morning to get the awning down and packed away in the dry! That was a stroke of luck as its done nothing but chuck it down nearly all day!

I left our site at Three Legged Cross just after 1100hrs and made my way over to Canford Magna which is just outside of Poole in Dorset.

Got onto site with no problems and even got the awning up without getting too wet, I was all set up by 1400hrs so decided to dash back and get the stationary engine.

Loaded up ok, then went and got the trailer with the British Anzini cultivator in it, as, weather permitting I'm going to take a look at the engine and see if I can bring it back to life!

Once I was back on site, all I had to do was wait for "M" to finish work, so I went for a quick nap. 

China dog being the excellent guard dog was asleep next to me, and didn't move at all even when "M" came in the caravan. This nearly gave me a heart attack as the first thing I knew was when "M" was opening the loo door!

"M" had to park down in the car park, as they had stopped all vehicles coming onto the site!

We had a quick cuppa then decided to go and do some shopping, another £100!

When we got back we still couldn't get on to site, so had to go and park in the car park as well!

Thankfully I had packed the sack trucks in the trailer, they came in handy to lug the 4 cases of beer back to the van. 

Its now 2145 and they are just letting vehicles onto site, I'm leaving the landrover down in the car park and Ill get it tomorrow morning. I'm certainly not unloading the engine in the dark, that's a recipe to loose a finger!

So here we are, in flaming June! Its far from flaming! Wet and bloody horrible.

Lets hope they don't cancel this show! We haven't got any where booked obviously, so fingers crossed.

"M" is working tomorrow, we are fairly close to Ringwood, so not too bad a drive for "M" in the morning.

Its now stopped raining, but the ground is very wet, not sure how it will dry out, and with traffic on the field it could get a bit messy. Thankfully there is a track that runs around in front of us, so at least we will have no problems in getting out!

Well, full of fish n chips and cider, so off for a quick shower, then off to bed,

Till later................


  1. Fish chips cider and fat class. Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm doing my bit for the economy. Without fat blokes like me the fat class organiser would be out of a job!