Monday, 20 June 2011

I Hate Wasps!

I have always had a dislike of wasps, do they have a purpose?

We arrived back at our regular haunt, we knew where we were going but we thought we would have a quick check just to make sure there was no one in on the pitch, as its down a narrow track, with heavy foliage, in fact that heavy with the caravan on the track you wouldn't be able to walk down the side! 

We had checked with the owners to make sure we could arrive early, just thought I would make that clear,

We have never stayed on this pitch before, and with us being 40ft long when hooked up it was a bit  of a gamble if we could get in and turn around!

I managed it with the minimum of fuss, (my driving/reversing must be getting better) and got the legs down, when I discovered a wasps nest no more than 15ft from from the caravan.

So up to see the owners who said that another of our favourite pitches was available later that day so if we would like to wait then as soon as the others leave we can have that one.

As I was early at around 1030hrs, no great shakes to wait till 1200. Well it got to 1400 and with no signs of life from the motor home I was a bit of a loss as to what to do.

Now, I don't like to hassle anyone over a pitch but I thought I would go and explain the situation to them, telling them about the wasps etc and seeing what time they thought they were leaving. If it was later, its not a problem, I can go off and get things done. Come back later and pitch. But I went to the motor home, and no one in!

So I walked around to see what the wasp situation was like as I knew that it was being sorted out. Whatever was put down, seems to have done the trick! The odd one flying around but the nest is dead! (well I think so)!

Up to see the owners, who said it was pretty much safe to go back on to that pitch, so legs up unhooked the EHU and drove around the top field as I couldn't get in with our rig from that angle! 

I managed to get in, 3 point turn and level in one hit, no messing around at all, but that's when the rain started!

It didn't take me long to set up, and its not as if Ill dissolve if I get wet, so no harm done, but wasps - you had better stay clear of me!

As for the others in the motor home, whats all this about staying after 1200hrs! They didn't even mention it to the owners! A tad cheeky!

So I have had to write today off, Ive a sale finishing on ebay tonight, so that will keep me busy for an hour or so, but other than that I'm done.

Today Ive packed up the van, awning etc, legs up and away, arrived on site, pitched up legs down, wasp issue, legs up move to temp pitch, legs down EHU on, then legs up wrap EHU cables up, move to original pitch, legs down set up! Knackered!

I know I'm on a diet, but its a good job I'm not near a shop, a massive bar of Cadburys fruit and nut would go down a treat!

Till later......................


  1. Hey J!

    Does this mean you're no longer selling clothes? :-(


  2. A fine collection of vintage tweed, suits and other wonderful garments can be found at our ebay shop house*of*jeeves plenty of clothing up for sale right this minute!

  3. What eats wasps?