Thursday, 23 June 2011

Picture Update

Ive found some pictures that you guys havent seen yet, so Ill put them up below -

Here we are at Canford Vintage Vehicle And Steam Rally on the Saturday morning, just starting to dry out!

Our set up which always looks the same, complete with China dog in a chair watching everything

Its not everyday you get steam engines driving by your pitch!

China dog feeling the cold!

You really expect me to get our 40ft outfit down there?

Are you sure?

A bit narrow and that tree on the left is very close to the van!

All set up! the tree to the right was where the wasps nest was! I managed to drive down, and swing between the two trees just to the right of the van, then reverse back further, pull forward and level up, a 3 point turn with a 40ft outfit, not bad!

Secluded and peaceful

Only the small awning, not alot of room for the bigger one!

Thats where we came from

Canadian geese and their young, they hatched 5 out and so far all survived, this is in the fields next to the track we drive down to get to the farm site.

My 100 year old tea mug (June 22nd 1911. Used daily by myself for the last 4 years, commemorating King George V coronation. Tea in anything else is just not the same!

Ill try not to leave it so long before uploading pictures next time!

Till later................

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