Thursday, 2 June 2011

All Clear Given On Breast Cancer Scare!

Its been a bit of a stressful week!

Last week, "M" discovered a lump on her breast, so next day she made an appointment at the Docs, off we trot back to Shaftesbury, not knowing what it was, but as you do, suspecting the worst!

The Doc, immediately referred "M" to Salisbury Hospital, which is where we have been this afternoon.

After a mamogram and an ultrasound, "M" was given the news that it was a cyst! Phew, she had it drained which she said hurt a tad, but the all clear was given.

I cant begin to tell you how relieved we both were! You just dont know do you? Cancer lurks its ugly head everywhere today.

Needless to say after that good news we went off for a bite to eat, as "M" hadnt eaten anything today through being so nervous, and me, well Ill eat any time.

We had a late lunch at the Old Mill Hotel at Harnham, which is a part of Salisbury with views across to the cathedral and in a lovey setting.

The food was great and we spent an hour just sitting and enjoying food, the view and life!

Till later..............

P.S. after lunch we found an ice cream kiosk I had rhubarb ice-cream and "M" had rum n raison, but dont tell Emma our Slimming World Consultant!


  1. wow, I am glad it all turned out OK in the end. I imagine it is not a nice `lurking in the mind feeling` until you get answers.

    You know they have had a cure for cancer for years? It is called DCA. As you can guess they dont want to make it available when they can sell pharmacuticals at high prices that do not work.

    On a positive note can you write up an article about cooking the roast please? After we messed up an attempt at a pizza I am too worried about messing up a roast :)

    I have the same bits as you in the "roast beef pic"

  2. Great news regarding M, Also as Johnny5 said please could you show us how you do your roast on the Cadac, perhaps you should write a Cadac cookbook after your caravan book of course!
    38 nights full timing and lovin it!