Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lost Keys Saga!

We packed up first thing on Tuesday morning and headed back to Three Legged Cross.

Around half way back I said to "M" have you seen my keys? No, came the reply, well, thats them lost then!

I havent a clue what Ive done with them, so after much discussion, I pulled over and had a quick look in the most obvious places but no luck.

Got back to our camp site, set up real quick and then had to drive all the way back to the rally site, which without the caravan takes around an hour!

I got back to the rally field, and found exactly where we were parked, but no luck. No keys had been handed into the organisers either. So there is hope that they are around somewhere.

Today, "M" went and got a set of caravan keys cut, but last night I had to have the padlocks on the unit cut off so I could get in, and then go buy some new padlocks!

What a palaver!

I cannot for the life of me remember what I did with them, my memory is bad at the best of times, but not being able to remember is a bit scarey!

On Bank Holiday Monday, seeing as it was a bit quiet, we both had a look at upgrading our phones. We both ended up going for iphones. Now, not sure how, but they arrived tuesday morning! Hows that for service!

Just getting used to it now, its a bit different from my old flip phone!

Work is manic, with not enough hours in the day, I shouldnt complain, but it is rather busy at the minute. Good to have a few extra pennies in my pocket!

My good friend 007Herbert popped in for a cuppa today, good to see him hobbling around!

Well, keeping it short and sweet.

Till later....................

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