Saturday, 25 June 2011

Planning A Week Away To The Brecons - With A Twist!

Well it looks like we are going to be spending a week towards the end of August in the Brecons.

We hadn't planned on doing this its just sort of happened, and I'm not 100% sure how its all going to work out!

We have looked at many camp sites in and around the Brecons, but so far we have only come up with a few possibles. One we really like the look of but is mega expensive!

So if anyone knows of anywhere over  that way that is quiet, has views and its a small site with hookup and allows dogs then please let us know!

Our other choice would of been to head for Cornwall, but as I used to drive down their on a regular basis, the traffic at that time of year is no joke, I just couldn't be doing with it. So Brecons it is.

The twist - well "M"s mother is coming with us! It was her idea to do this. I get on ok with her, but a week? 

We are taking the large awning and the sleeping pod, which is where she will be sleeping. I'm just a bit worried that it could all get a bit fraught!

"M" seems fine about it all, so if she is happy Ill have to be.

It may be a struggle not to swear, belch, fart and scratch my arse, especially after a few beers!

Last night whilst "M" was at her Mums looking at campsites, I went back to Shaftesbury to see friends and to wet the babies head of Jim and Ellies at  Ye Olde Two Brewers Shaftesbury.

It was good to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while, some since we started living in our caravan full time!

As I was driving I stayed for a couple of hours then headed home, as I drove home I couldn't help think that I didn't miss any of Shaftesbury at all.

I'm so glad we are doing what we are doing, it really did feel like coming home as I got back to our caravan. 

Today being Saturday, "M" has gone to work, and Ive got to get a move on and get some work done as we have my sister Ali, her partner Mat and Loopy Lucy coming over this afternoon, along with "M"s son Vinney and his new girlfriend and daughter to meet for the first time. So a full house! or should I say caravan!

We also have to pack the car and trailer as we are off car booting tomorrow morning again, that's if the weather holds out. Its looking bleak at the moment!

So till later..................


  1. Have you ever stayed on a commercial site (adults only)?

    Can you offer comparison for us readers?

    I have only stayed on Commercial sites so far, 17 - 21 £ a day.

    Come to Devon :)


  2. It's the Brecon Beacons, or 'Beacons' for short. Enjoy

  3. Mature Student26 June 2011 at 22:45

    Just 25 miles to the north of Brecon is a beautiful campsite, Fforest Fields ( Probably more expensive than your usual, but oh so worth it. Main plus points are friendly owners, large, flattish pitches, clean loos & showers, laundry, very dog friendly, and shop of local farm produce open 24/7 with an honesty box. No entertainment, clubhouse, swimming pool, etc - bliss!

  4. Thanks all, will take a look at the site, no clubhouse or entertainment - perfect!

  5. cant log into my account , forgotten the username / password lol

    but how about trying this place ?