Sunday, 12 June 2011

West Bay Rally - Wash Out - Abandon Ship!

Catch Up!

Friday Mr Gulliver turned up with his young son, we had a few beers at the caravan then headed into town for a quick pint. We only had the one in town, as Gulliver Jnr at the tender age of 2 was starting to feel a little tired!

The temperature had dropped dramatically by the time we got back to the van and the heater was fired up to take the chill off.

We woke on Saturday to a bright but breezy day. But overall the day was sunny and we not only had a rather large mixed grill breakfast, but alot later the cadac was put into action and cooked a rather large joint of roast beef!

During the day I downloaded the geocache app for my new iphone and that evening we went into Bridport and found our first chache using the gps system on the phone! This was our first proper find on our own, our previous one being with Mark, Kate and girls back in feb/mar.

We had a wander around the harbour, it was starting to get dark so we headed back towards the rally. We did walk past the beer tent but decided that we had had quite enough over the weekend and as it was late and we were both knackered an early night wouldnt be such a bad idea.

Around 0200hrs the heavens openned and the wind picked up considerably. A bit like sleeping in a tumble dryer! The rain was blasting the side of the caravan. It was still raining hard when we woke up, this wasnt good. We could see puddles forming on the field, and shortly afterwards an organiser came around and said the show was being cancelled.

Now the choice we have is, do we go or do we stay? We were not due to leave until Monday morning! As the show was now off we decided to take the engine back then review the situation when we got back.

The field on our exit was well dodgy, but we managed to slither out, but we were a bit concerned that if we did manage to get back in then how the heck were we going to get the caravan out!

Well we got back in ok, the freelander doing what its supposed to do and waded through the mud and water.

Still not decided on what we were going to do, so decided to have breakfast. As we were cooking an organiser came over and asked us how long we were staying, why I said, and he said the river was rising rapidly and that as the field is prone to flooding it may well be a good idea to get out rather sharpish.

So the decision had been made for us. We ate up, and packed up rather sharply, hooked up then took the plunge. We had all ready seen a number of vehicles stuck in the mud and having to be pulled out by tractors.

With this size of van, we fully expected to get stuck, but by picking our way through, and some clever driving (if I say so myself) plenty of mud flying around we got through without getting stuck and needing assistance. I was amazed that we got through. I fully expected to need a tow out.

The journey back was tricky, the winds were extremely high and we were caught a few times by cross winds, which when aqua planning and it tipping it down with rain going down hill was rather fun! NOT!

On our way we phoned our camp site to see if they could fit us in as we were returning a day earlier than planned, thankfully they could.

As soon as we got back I set about the outside and "M" did the inside, we have it more or less sussed now, so it didnt take us long. We even managed to put up the small awning as we are off again this friday to another rally!

This time its only 30 mins down the road at Canford Magna its called the Bournemouth And Poole Preservation Club Limited Steam And Vehicle Show - Now thats a title!

Lets hope the weather is a little kinder!

I feel a bit cheated today, as we dont take a holiday, these weekends away are our holidays, so having to return early isnt good. Especially when you are in such a lovely place as West Bay.

Oh well, such is life, I get to do a full days work tomorrow which takes the pressure off a little so not all bad!

Ive got some photos of West Bay, which Ill put up either later or tomorrow.

Till later.........


  1. Ouch. We were going to come over that way to see the steam rally and of course find you guys :) We are not that far from bridport (just west of Exeter). While we were at our site we got to know a fellow camper who runs the geo caching (Richard+Vicky), we got some details from them and were going to have a look at this phenomena, sadly the weather has been a bit grim.

    On another note we are going to call it a day in Devon soon as it seems pretty dead for work in our arena (IT). We will stay until the end of July most likely and that will be our 3 months testing Devon out. Next move is either New Forest Area or Bath/Bristol way, not 100% sure yet.

    Do you fancy writing about site security for the type of sites you use?

    Keep writing


  2. Hi guys, security is a good subject so will take a look at it. Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt which gets you out and about. Go to for all the info you need.
    Newforest area - where we are, Bournemouth and Southampton on your doorstep and straight up the M3 to the smoke. Shame the weather was bad, would of been good to meet up!

  3. good for you on your first cache. I've been caching for a while with my kids and its a great feeling when you find that little box!

  4. Well done on the cache.. Email me your user name when you get chance..Tried one in Spain and forgot to take note of the four stars for terrain. Needless to say it was a dnf..and nearly killed myself slipping in my best crocs down a gully. We never learn.