Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sun At Last!

Its turned out to be a wonderfully sunny day, but at 0530hrs it certainly didn't look to promising!

It was a damp start to the day, and at one point we nearly packed all our gear away as it the air was so full of moisture.

We made it to Ashley Heath car boot sale for 0600hrs this morning, and it was a bit of a slow start. We did ok, we did ok today, but it was hard work.

"M" managed to put her shoulder out whilst we were packing up,a number of pain killers later the pain has eased off considerably.

This afternoon, we lazed in the sun, Ive done a bit of work on the laptop sat outside, and we have just finished eating.

Once more sat outside enjoying the warmth! This is really our first proper day of summer, so far its just been to chilly to sit outside for too long.

A busy week ahead of us, and another vintage rally to go to next weekend! So the clock is ticking to get everything done in the next 4 days!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as we are.

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Till later..............


  1. We demand more posts!! ... Blimey you must be busy!

  2. I hope you are just too busy to blog just now, and you are all well.

    As one caravanner to another, if there's anything that would be of help, please let me know (although Tardis' are just a bit beyond my current capabilities ;-) )