Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Caravan Site Security - What We Have Found So Far

Securing your caravan is always an issue, especially if your like us and you live in it full time. Its not just your holiday home in our case it is our home!

I was asked recently what we have found and what do we do to make us secure.

Firstly as part of our insurance we have to have a wheel lock fitted at all times when pitched up. This we always do, and is one of the first things we do when we pitch up and the last thing we do before we move. We are also alarmed, and have all windows security marked. We also have an extra lock on our door that the previous owners had fitted. A right chunky affair but its extra peace of mind.

We have thought about a hitch lock, but to be honest if they want your van they will have it, no matter what security devices are fitted.

After working within the vehicle security industry for a few years, the lengths that the criminals go to ensure that they get your van are staggering.

Caravan theft is basically not done by your opportunist thief, in most cases they are stolen to order.

There are various tracking systems on the market, some good, some not so good, being biased I would have to say to take a look at TRACKER, a cracking system and with full endorsement from the boys in blue what more can you ask for!

Take a look here to see how good they are!

Camp site owners also do alot to minimise the problems, we have stayed on sites which lock their gates after 2300hrs and are unlocked at 0730hrs. We have also stayed on a site which kept their gates locked all the time and we were given keys to get in and out!

Some times you rely on the fact that you are off the beaten track, and I do mean a track, and you have to drive by the owners house to get to the site.

It is a difficult thing to know what to do exactly.

We have only stayed on one site where we felt uncomfortable leaving the van, we didnt stay there long.

When we take the generator with us, thats chained to the chassis of the van by a motorcycle secure padlock and chain, so they would have a job to get through that. I have once used two bike locks linked together to the aqua rolls and chained to the chassis, as well as the waste hog.

Generally we keep the blinds down when we are out, and the curtains or shutters on the awnings down. I guess we could padlock the awnings up, but where do you stop!

I would like to think that fellow caravanners and campers look out for each other, but some folk just seem to go deaf and blind when trouble brews!

I think the statistics for caravans being stolen from camp sites are very low, due to the prospect of being seen, they are mostly stolen from either peoples houses, or from unsecure storage areas. Easy pickings Im afraid.

If your vans on your drive, try and make it as difficult as possible for them. Security posts are a good idea, being visible, should put them off. No easy access to the hitch as well, ok, it maybe more awkward for you to move the van out before hitching up, but if its easy for you to hitch up so it will be for the thief!

Where we are now we feel totally secure, even though we are the only ones in this field!

If anyone has some good tips for securing their van then please let us know.

Specifically a cadac lock, if that goes missing Ill be heart broken - and hungry!

So dont have nightmares - till later...............


  1. Unfortunately for security you need to be selfish and make your van less attractive than the van next door, be it on a site, at home or in storage. Less attractive means making it more awkward for the thief. So our twin axle has two wheel locks, one on each axle and on opposite sides of the van. Although we've also had to use a grinder to get one off when it seized and the key snapped in the lock and it didn't take long. Common sense goes a long way too, like not leaving expensive items, especially very portable ones, in view. And if our van was at least as expensive as yours, then I'd have a tracker system with the subscription plus insurance in my budget when buying it. The subscription where you are contacted if the van moves without your notifying them. If I couldn't afford those then no van. End of.

  2. Good post - some friends of ours had their van nicked from his place of work (boss allows them to do so). They got through the padlocked security gates, disabled all the CCTV on sites and cut through the wheel lock with a blow torch. Done to order said the cops. As for keeping the van pn the drive = this post explains why we no longer do so, but use storage instead. http://caravancapers.co.uk/2010/12/09/caravan-and-car-arson-attack/

  3. the only thing I have ever wondered about regarding campsites that lock up between late night and early morning - what if you have an emergency and need to get out! If I child had a mishap or a parent had a funny turn I'd want to get out to the hospital as quick as!

    Having said that I hate sites that don't have either the family living at the entrance, or a security guy doing the rounds. It's now my first question to a site after a bad experience.

  4. Yes, making your van look less attractive is a good idea, I will make a sign saying "Fortunes Told" wrap some heather in tin foil and get some lace for the curtains!
    Must admit I dont like being locked into a site without a key, as its been said, what happens in an emergency? Accidents do happen, I wouldnt be to impressed with a camp site owner if I broke my leg and the ambulance couldnt get in as the gates were locked!
    But it is really difficult to know how far to go with security. We vet all our sites if we can, the location and the standard of the site gives alot away. The one site we had to move from in hindsight we should never of stayed at, it didnt meet any of our criteria for feeling safe. So no surprises we had issues! But you live and learn.

  5. I do agree that less attractive things, may it be a house or a car is more secure that those nicely created one. However, if the issue is you forgot your key and you are locked out in Bournemouth, you can always call a locksmith from Locksmiths Bournemouth

  6. Very funny but in reality those kind of changes may make it more attractive not less!