Sunday, 19 June 2011

Canford Vintage Steam And Vehicle Show - Saturday

A day of heavy showers, followed by light showers, and every now and again a bit of sunshine!

I managed to keep the engine running all day, when I first pri med the fuel line, the float stuck which meant petrol went everywhere, soon sorted by a knock to the chamber with the starting handle! Highly technical stuff!

"M" came back around 1400hrs and we had a bit of a lazy afternoon, just watching the world go by. I did a bit of work on the British Anzini, which meant freeing the spark plug and replacing it, then I removed the fuel tank which Im afraid is full of holes! Im not sure if it can be repaired or not, so thats to be looked into.

Friends of ours were due to come over for the weekend, but they backed out at the last minute, shame as they missed a great night.

A few to many beers at the caravan, then we headed for the beer tent to hear a band called Colt 45 A rock band in the true sense of the word, considering that the oldest is only 19 and the youngest is 16 they played an amazing set, most of the songs coming out before they were born! The drummer was absolutely brilliant, as was the rest of the band. I did hear that they have just secured a record deal. Not sure how true that is, but they certainly deserve it. So keep an eye out for these guys, if you like your Led Zep, then get to see these guys!

Woke up this morning, slightly worse for wear, but the sun is shining, so all good!

Till later..................

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