Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Living In A Caravan - What Summer?

Its now Thursday! Where has the week gone!

Tuesday I spent packing the items that were sold on Monday evening, and sorting out the unit, and getting my stock into some sort of order. This took most of the day, so all though I can now see what I'm doing it didn't actually produce pound notes in my pocket, so now that all the stock was in order I thought I would do a car boot/market on Wednesday at Matchams.

The weather forecast was for cloud with sunny intervals, so I took a chance and was up with a lark, got over there just after 0620hrs and sat in the que waiting to get in which was just before 0700hrs.

I haven't been since March, I stopped going for two reasons, the weather has been poor, and the number of pitches and people turning up to buy has been dismal! 

So I thought it may of got better as the year progressed. With only 19 stalled out and only a handful of people walking around, the organisers should be wearing masks! Robbing us of £6.00 to stall out! I'm not going back there again. I was packed up by 1030hrs made a couple of quid, had a bacon and egg roll, bought a packet of shortbread off the guy selling dodgy out of date biscuits and sweets etc, China dog got some chews, and I bought a rather cute looking cherub/child photograph dating to around the early C20th for a £1.00

Got back to the van, with intentions of a quick shower, then heading up to the unit, but failed, and ended up going to bed and getting up at 1400hrs! Feeling a bit better, quick shower (which is all you can do in a caravan) (5 mins) then up to the unit.

Unloaded, just missing the rain again! Then set about photographing some new stock.

These will be going up this Sunday evening for 7 days, you can find it all here "House Of Jeeves"  

I received a negative feedback the other day, its amazing what some folk expect, this particular person was unhappy as their wax barbour jacket smelt of wax and felt waxy, ok, let me think about this one? ITS A BARBOUR! what on earth were they expecting!

I offered a full refund straight away, as to be honest its not worth my time or effort to dwell on these things, but they still leave a negative!

Then  a guy from the USA leaves a neutral as the wooden planes that he bought required total renovation which he agreed with!? Whats all that about? Perhaps total renovation means something different over the pond?

I agree that feedback is required, but lets be honest about it! It really is biased towards the buyer, the sellers are stuffed, totally. A totally unfair system to operate. 

But with no other choice, we soldier on!

I've got some photos to upload of the entrance into our pitch, you would never believe I got a 40ft outfit down there! Or even attempted it! But, I did. Ill put them up tonight when I have more time, as I know how much you guys like to read something first thing in the morning and Ive been a bit slack this week you will have to have the above for now, and wait just a while longer.

Going back to my title, Summer Living In A Caravan - What summer? We were talking last night about how good it would be to be able to sit outside in the evening, but have we been able to, well, the odd night, but we should of been able to lots!

Its just not warm enough to sit outside in the evenings, unless your wrapped up like an Eskimo. I'm looking forward to sleeping with the windows open and a warm breeze coming into the van. No hope with that at the moment.

The sun is shining at the moment, but with a stiff breeze which takes and heat that there was right off. Shame, it doesnt do alot of good for the British tourist industry. Mind you it keeps the sites quiet, which is good for us!

We have been thinking about taking a week off towards the end of August and heading over to the Brecons, if anyone knows of any good campsites around that area please let us know. But, we are only interested in the smaller sites, as you all know, we are not into organised sports events, knobbly knee competitions or hundreds of kids running around! The smaller the site the better!

So, till later......................

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