Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stressed Out! But Karma Now Coming Back!

Its been a stressful few days! In fact its been a nightmare few days.

I wont go into detail, but for those of you who know me personally know only too well that I dont do stress, or hissy fits, nor do I take any sort of crap from anyone. It takes alot to upset me, but when I am, then stand well clear!

I found myself this week getting so wound up and uptight I almost exploded! Thankfully all is calm now, however it has left me with a few problems to sort out as a result of only trying to help someone out!

Ive managed to waste alot of time, which when your self employed can mean only one thing - and thats lost income! This is annoying as Im rather partial to a few quid in my pocket!

Id like to think that the worst is over now, I certainly wont be going down that road again, it has not been a fun ride at all.

But you dont know until you try, life is full of twists and turns, some expected some totally unexpected.

Over the years my life seems to of been a real roller coaster, Im managing to maintain that effect rather well! I dont seem to have to try hard at all!

But, who wants a dull life? Not for me, I wouldnt change a single thing that has happened to me, you learn from your experiences, well, your supposed to!

Anyway, we are hoping to get to Canford for the vintage rally this weekend, aiming to pack up here Friday lunch time and drive the 10 mile down the road. Not far this time, which is great.

Not sure if I mentioned that I have bought a pre 1954 British Anzani Cultivator. I havent got it running yet, so thinking of taking it to Canford so that I can have a play with it over the weekend.

I bought if for only £15.00 which I thought was a bargain, all though "M" thinks Ive lost the plot. After the last few days I think she may be right!

Tonight we went off to fat club for our weekly weigh in. Considering the last few weekends have been a bit full on, with a few to many pints, plenty of cakes and a whole packet of jelly babies, ice cream and various other lovely sweet things that Ive trained myself to forget about. Its a minor miracle that Ive only put on 1lb over the last 4 weeks!

So all in all, not too bad, but, I must try to resist. So tonight straight from fat club we went to the Indian and got a takeaway. Hows that for will power!

Mind you Im considering myself lucky my mate over the water (PB) is just getting over an operation to repair a ripped bowel! Now that must be the definition of painful! Ive yet to discover how it happened, and not sure I actually want to, but you know what curiosity is like!

I guess he wont be having a curry for a while!

So on that note, till later................

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