Monday, 31 October 2011

007 Heston Blumenherbert Update!

007 Herbert is now in Jakarta and is now, as we speak locating and reporting back to us rather special culinary delights from Indonesia.

Heston Blumenherbert is his undercover name for this dangerous food tasting mission, and as you can see, to sample the delights of "Chicken Porridge" takes a firm constitution and a stiff upper lip - Best of British with that one!

Sheeps Placenta Vitamin Update.

These were seen at the Airport as 007 Heston Blumenherbert was looking for Melatonin to offset his jetlag, however on viewing the £75.00 price label decided against it and took no doubt to the time old remedy of lager.

We are hoping to hear more of his exploits as he continues his "Grand Tour" of the far east and all things not British.

Till later..............

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