Wednesday, 5 October 2011

And They Say Caravans Are Boring!

It could be said that caravans do tend to look all the same, and to a point they do. Interiors seem to all come off the same shelf, along with the choice of fabric colours.

Some manufacturers, Stealth for instance, have looked at things from a different angle and even offer a choice of colours, not that I have seen a bright green or pink stealth yet, has anyone else?

But this isn't a post about the blandness of caravans, this is about the quirkiness and the lengths that some folk go to just to be a little different!

Now if you have a big "Yank" cruiser, you can only tow one thing - and this is it! Now why cant car manufacturers do this today and make a caravan that compliments and looks like your car?

With the manufacturing process of materials being relatively simple compared to 40 years ago, how hard can it be? Just imagine what a Range Rover Sport caravan would look like!

If you are environmentally minded and don't fancy towing using a V8, then you could always try this - pedal power! Oh and its made of wood, not sure if its from a sustainable forest though!

Wanting to be ahead of the game? Here we have what appears to be a shiny boiled egg on wheels complete with solar power. As you can clearly see it blends wonderfully into the surrounding countryside. You would never know it was there and you would remain hidden from all other campers on site! If this is the way forward - count me out! Oh, and where is the tow hitch?

Fed up with towing but dont want a campervan? All your problems solved with this! I believe it is based on a Saab, but could be wrong! Noticed that the left hand wing mirror is round the wrong way! Saab being well known for the safety not sure how well this would do in a collision test?

Looking for a seasonal pitch and short on space? This may well be the answer, lets just hope that the bottom caravan has a good fire extinguisher!

So caravan manufacturers, with the Caravan Show looming up at the NEC, pull your fingers out and lets have something a bit different? You don't need to go mad, but dare to be different, please?

Till later......

PS, thanks to all for the use of your pictures, if you want a mention/credit please contact me and Ill give you a mention - cheers!


  1. That was a fun read, thanks for showing us all those quirky caravans.

  2. I like the first one best! I believe the caravans in the last pic are part of a film set somewhere, but it puts a whole new take on high rise living!

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