Monday, 17 October 2011

A Day By The Coast

Saturday being "M"s day off we thought we would make good use of the fine weather, as who knows how much more of it we have to come this year. So we headed for the coast

We wanted to check out a few campsites along the way and thought we could take a walk along the cliff top as well.

We headed for Taddiford Gap near Barton, parked up and headed East.

Looking West towards Bournemouth to the far left of the coast

Looking out towards the Isle of Wight

"M" and of course "China" Dog

Erosion is causing a bit of a problem!

Just at the bottom right you can see fisherman fishing for mackerel and the concrete block is from a WW2 observation point.

Here the sea is making symmetrical patterns in the shingle 

As with most of Britain's coast line erosion is playing a big part, a number of projects are in place to try to stop the sea, but what can you do? We have caused enough problems for "Mother Nature" Too much interference has got us into this sorry mess we are in today! I personally think we are doing too little to late, no matter what we do, the damage has been done.

This is not to say that we should give up, but its damage limitation now, this is all we can do to protect our kids and their kids futures.

Some of the paths we walked along were very close to the edge of the cliff, another couple of years and the path will either have to be closed or re-routed. I hope that the later can be achieved. All coast lines are special and wonderful places, it would be a shame to loose them.

Here's a link to show more of the problems (click here)

We walked on down to  Paddy's Gap and had a cuppa, then took the walk back to the car park. It was lovely and warm, I was in shorts and shirt, no jacket even with a bit of a breeze. Very warm for this part of the year! (where's the catch)

We then went and had a look at a few campsites, we have been thinking of moving down that way for a while now, especially after what has happened recently to us. The change of scenery will do us good!

We always like to take a look at the camp sites, before we go to them, as what they say online and in the books can be completely different when you get there. I also like to make sure that the entrance is big enough to get our unit in! A couple of the sites we went to it would be extremely tight and to be honest not worth taking the risk.

This is our home, so the last thing I want to do is damage it! But we did find a couple of little gems, but as of now will be keeping these a secret!

We then headed back and stopped for a quick pint in a pub, "M" was driving as I have managed to break my glasses! Well I say break, the screw holding the arm on dropped out whilst I was gardening the other day, and that was that.

Mind you I've had these glasses long enough, I think I got them in 1999! I've had my eyesight checked and worn contacts for a number of years, but my prescription hasnt changed and as I paid over £400 for these back then I like to get my monies worth!

They do look a bit battered, but these Hugo Boss glasses have lasted well, I had the lenses thinned and a scratch resistant coating added. 

I've now managed to replace the screw so good to go again! I really should get around to getting a new pair, I will one day!

I first noticed that my eyes were a bit dodgy whilst in the Army. On the ranges one day, led in the prone position, the command goes out "A single shot to the target ahead, in your own time carry on" A cacophony of gun shot around me - apart from me - couldn't see the bloody target!  So off to the eye doc to get myself sorted out!

I always enjoyed the ranges, one of the best experiences I had was on a CQB range (Close Quarter Battle) range, you walk along a path, targets pop up and you have to decide in a fraction of a section to fill it full of lead as its a baddie, or hold fire as its a civilian! I cant even begin to imagine what that must be like to do on the streets for real! It was intense to say the least for us whilst training!

Our boys and girls are still out doing what they do best, which is doing what no normal person would do, with limited resources and poor pay. Some paying the ultimate price.

I saw yesterday that Wootton Bassett or as I should call it now Royal Wootton Bassett has now been given the title of Royal. A job well done to all those in the town and those from further afield who have paid tribute to our brave soldiers who travel through the town one last time to their final resting place.

Yesterday was a lazy day, I actually spent most of it in bed, reading and dozing! I did start to insulate the pipes around the van and attached foamed back silver foil to the inside of the seat bases on the caravan walls to try and reflect some of the heat back in.

I've read in many places now that we are in for a severe winter again! Lets hope they have it wrong. All though, we are more prepared this year for any eventuality!

I see mince pies and Christmas puddings are in the shops!  Pubs are advertising for Christmas lunches as well. Oh I do hate all the commercialism attached to the Christmas period. Not that I'm religious but we have lost the meaning of what Christmas is supposed to be all about!

Today, I'm at the caravan, doing the washing and catching up with the blog, photos and uploading music to my iphone. I've had my iphone for a while now, but thought it about time to add music to it, seeing as I do have a docking station!

The leaves here on site are rapidly falling from the tree's, it wont be long now till most of them are down. The hedges though are still quite green and the grass is still growing!

I saw what looked like daffodil leaves poking through the ground last week and an apple tree with blossom on it! Nature gone mad!

Till later...........


  1. Enjoyed your post, just thought I'd mention, just come back from a long weekend at a quiet little site in Dumfries and Galloway, but worth a look if you like it like that. ideal if you're a walker like me.

  2. Great photos and blog, we spent 5 weeks a month ago just outside Lymington and used to walk the cliffs at "Milford @ Barton-on-Sea"

    You need to try the fish @ chips at the chippy in Milford-on-Sea, the haddock is worth dying for!!

    Keep on blogging.

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