Thursday, 13 October 2011

Last Show Of The Year

Last Friday saw us trundle the 3 miles to our last vintage rally of the year, it was a small affair with just 20 plus stationary engines and around a dozen or so tractors.

It was good to see everyone again for the last time this year, and God willing will see them all again  at Abbey Hill Steam Rally in Yeovil just after Easter next year!

Here is the engine line up looking right then left from the front of our caravan.

I did have a bit of a disaster with the porch awning, we bought it back in March at the NEC camping and caravanning show from Towsure. On putting it up it ripped in three places! So not really impressed, and as we don't use it that often, would probably only equate to 2 good seasons of use! So will be contacting Towsure to see if we can do anything. I wont be holding my breath though!

I managed to do a temporary repair with the help of industrial strength black tape. 

Friday night we went with a motley crew over to Witchampton Club for a curry and a pint. I have to say that we have been over for a curry before and it was exceptional, but this time is wasn't up to much at all. Hope they are not a victim of their own success!

We did however win on the meat draw and went home with a rather fine joint of beef from Kingston Lacy Red Devon Herd which had been hung for four weeks and roasted on the cadac tasted amazing!

Saturday the engines were up and running, my engine stopped for no real reason a couple of times, but started again on the crank of the handle.

Saturday night we ventured to the pub which was right next door to us, the Cross Keys at Mannington. I had steak pie and chips and "M" had scampi. The pie was good and the scampi, well it was scampi! If your looking for a gourmet feast, then this is not the place for you, but if you want basic well cooked grub at a reasonable price, then drop by.

They also had a rough old scrumpy cider called "Crazy Goat" at 6.8% not for the faint hearted, I had 3 pints and new about it. 

Sunday we were debating to stay another night or pack up and head for a pre-booked camp site. If we stayed it meant that I had to move on my own. I don't mind doing it, but I do prefer to move with some help.

So we packed up and moved after running our engine all day. The only problem I had was for some unknown reason the water pump stopped pumping, we took it apart, couldn't see anything wrong, so bolted it back together and it started to work! Strange!

Once on site we still had light left so we decided to put up the big awning as we are here for a few days. It went up fairly easily and I've fitted three storm straps to it. It comes with two but have added an extra one to the centre pole at the apex. Just in case!

Monday, was spent doing the chores as I was at the caravan for the day, so out came the portable washing machine and away I went!
For a small machine it works really well, and it actually washes better than the launderette we use! The spin is very good and takes no time at all to dry shirts etc. This was one of our best buys!

Tuesday was spent, gardening at a nursing home in Bournemouth where by a couple who's Mum is a resident liked what I was doing outside of her room and asked if I could come and do some work at their house! Which I did on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday I went to another new clients at their rather large house in Bournemouth, and started to clear their flower beds. This is now a regular job and will be back there again next Wednesday morning. At lunch I did a quote for another nursing home, which I'm hoping I'll get, if so that's more regular work.

So all in all, not a bad weeks work, day of being around the caravan today, (more washing) and as I was travelling back home yesterday I stopped off in B and Q to see what insulating material I could buy. I've got more pipe lagging, and I bought a reflective foam backed roll, its intended use is for behind radiators, but figured that it would work just as good inside the caravan. So I'm going to install this underneath the seats at the front, and behind the back of the bed in the storage compartment.

I did look at buying a massive sheet of polystyrene it must of measured 5ft by 12ft, but the good people of B and Q would not cut it down for transportation for me!? Why I don't know and couldn't get a straight answer. They said they could cut down wood so that it would fit in a car, but not polystyrene! It was suggested that I bought a saw, went out side, cut the polystyrene down to size then returned the saw for a refund! Ok, makes sense, but why not cut it down for me! If anyone from B and Q can answer that for me it would be most helpful!

As I didn't feel inclined to cut it down outside or buy a saw they lost a sale!

This was taken over the weekend, we are camped very close to this, China loves it, but she could do with longer legs to see over the heather!
"China" dog after a long walk, keeping guard at the front window just got too much for her!

Now that what I call a cider press!

Currently sat awaiting the apples which should start to be pressed this Saturday, we may have to  go and watch!

Well, that's about it for now, time to get the day started.

Till later.................

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