Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Carry On Blogging!

Sounds like it should be a film! Just need Sid James, Hatty Jakes, and Kenneth Williams to make an appearance, but alas they are all gone.

However, after the amount of messages that I have received, either on the blog, via email or via Twitter I shall carry on writing about our life in a caravan.

But, I will not be letting on as to our where abouts, this will be kept a under wraps as I'm sure you have gathered there are folk out there that have nothing better to do with their time than to cause us  unnecessary hassle. Which we can both do with out.

When we exhibit at any of the shows in future we will give out locations, and if we feel a write up is required about a camp site once we have left then of course I will give a full and honest account of our experience.

I hope by doing this that it is not viewed as running away or that we have something to hide, we are open as a book, my email address is shown on each page and if you want to contact us direct you only have to ask. But for reference our email is

I am also willing to talk to anyone, email me and I will give you my mobile number.

But we  feel it is necessary to protect ourselves and camp site owners from uneducated folk.

A big thank you to all who responded to our last post, it was a surprise and most humbling that you all seem to like my ramblings, regardless that for most of the time they have very little to do with living in a caravan!

Its been a busy couple of days, and my heart has not been into writing, but tomorrow, as I am at the caravan for most of the day I will endeavor to catch up with all that has happened over the last few days and our rough plans for the weeks ahead.


Till later.................


  1. This is very wise. Keep where you are a secret. It really is hard to believe, but indeed it is true - there are those out there that are so miserable they cannot accept that someone else may have taken actions to change and be happy. For these sad trolls, it is a smack in the face that someone else could improve their life. And they will troll your forums and report anything they get on you. They are the saddest of them all. They are imprisoned by their failures in life, and it is you that has found freedom and this hurts them a great deal. So move about like you have done and let them squirm wondering where you are and they will soon move on to some other innovator - someone else that should be (in their view) just as miserable as they are.

  2. Glad to know you're going to continue with the blog Jools. If you gave up you'd be letting these idiots win - don't give them the satisfaction. You've found a way of life which suits you and your blog makes interesting reading, even if it's not always about caravan living - so carry on blogging and I'll look forward to the next instalment.