Friday, 28 October 2011

Changing Weather - Change Of Plans

Today should of been my day to visit a pub where I mow their extensive lawns. But as the ground was water logged from two days of near constant rain I thought a change of plan was in order.

We woke to sunshine and its been sunny all day here in Bournemouth.

So I decided to go and finish taking down the shed I'd started to dismantle on Tuesday and get the job done.

It took the morning to get the last half of the back wall and the whole floor broken up and carried through to the Landrover and trailer out at the front of the house. I got 95% of it in the back of the Landrover and the rest which were a couple of bags of loose wood and the door strapped to the trailer.

I was surprised to find that a concrete base had been laid as a foundation, this was a surprise as the whole floor had rotted out, along with the sides. I think what had happened was that the accumulation of pine needles and debris had just built up around the shed. The damp causing the wood to rot.

If the sides of the shed had been kept clear of debris, I think it would be still standing know, as the roof could of been repaired, even though it was in a bad state.

So there is a lesson to be learnt from this, if you have a shed, keep the sides free and let air get around the base!

Tomorrow, as its supposed to be dry I'm off to mow the lawns at the pub.

"M" has been off today and has spent the day visiting friends and family. So Ive had the afternoon to myself here at the caravan.

Must admit I've been rather lazy and not done anything! I should of been out enjoying the sunshine, but just mooched around instead.

I noticed on the news that they are expecting snow over in the USA, it has been known for us here in the UK to then get a repeat of the same weather approx 10 - 14 days later. So that makes it around the 11th November.

I quite like the snow, or rather I like the challenge that it gives us! This year we have the new addition to our vehicle fleet of the Pajero. With All Terrain tyres, we should be ok. We have also found out since owning it that it is fitted with the "Winter Pack". This does vary from vehicle to vehicle but we have a heated front screen and mirrors, it is better insulated and the fuel pump has a pre-heater before the filter which warms the fuel.

The Landrover is now only in two wheel drive as we have had to remove the rear prop, due to the  centre transfer box dying. Other than that it's still going fine Must admit it does look a wreck as it is never cleaned inside or outside! So much so that "M" now refuses to drive it, she says its full of spiders, which is true!

You certainly wouldn't want to pick up a boiled sweet if you dropped it in the car, it would be full of dog hair, the odd insect and probably some form of unknown fungus. It's as if it has it's own ecological micro climate within the car. So how can I clean it? I'm doing my bit for the planet in my own sort of strange way!

I will have to take some pictures, just so you can see how bad it really is!

Talking of the insides of cars reminds me of a road trip to Holland once. Several car loads of us used to travel the short distance from our base in West Germany as it was in those days, over the border to Holland where the the locals were all together more friendlier than our German hosts! (wink, wink)! On one such trip we were stopped at the border, and made to get out, as the car was searched. Not sure what for, but if they were looking for squaddies, beer, cash, and bad aftershave they were getting a result!

They were being rather over the top this time, normally you just drove through the border without being stopped, especially as we were in cars which were easily identifiable as belonging to serving personnel as we were issued with unique registration plates. Not sure who thought these would be a good idea, but for the terrorists (IRA) it was a bit like painting a target on the front and back of the cars!

Anyway, back at the border, we were watching the police/customs officer (they all wear guns over there) doing his bit, when he started to search under Smudge's driver's seat, his face showed a look of horror, as he removed his hand, with what looked like the remains of a 4 week old half eaten burger sticking to him! The four of us just stood and grinned, as he continued his search, where he had another grisly find!

Now Smudge had two teeth missing from the the top front of his mouth and had a plate fitted, well he did have, but he had lost it several months earlier.

Thankfully the kind customs/police officer found it as he continued his search, he pulled it from under the front seat where the burger had been lurking. The plate was covered in fluff and various other unknown objects, possibly burger. In broken English he simply looked at Smudge and said "Yours I guess"? As Smudge had a gappy smile it was a good guess. Smudge took it from him and without even wiping it off, popped it straight in!

The look on the customs/police officers face was a picture. With this he stopped searching and told us to go on our way!

Till later..................


  1. The best border crossing still has to be Wankum.

  2. Yes, We must of all had our photo's taken there at some point!