Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rain - It's Just Not Stopping!

Yesterday evening the heavens opened! A deluge of water came down in a very short space of time.

The ground being rock hard and compacted over the summer meant that the rain had no where to run except through our awning!

We had a number of good sized puddles to contend with. These have soaked away now, but it hasn't really stopped raining!

I've been off today, not that I could do anything in this weather, tomorrow is also in doubt as its supposed to be like this till Monday!

That's not good as I could do with the cash! But unless it stops raining shortly there will be no way I'm going to be pushing a mower around for 5 hrs tomorrow morning, not without the help of buoyancy aids!

"China" dog has taken herself off to bed, she hates the wet and cold! I'll have to dig out her wax jacket its in the back of the Land Rover somewhere!

The trees are rapidly changing colour, a real mixture of reds and yellows along with the evergreens we have here on site. They look fantastic in the sun, but a little drab in this weather.

I must admit I'm not a lover of this time of year, its neither one thing or the other, everything is dying off and looks grubby. Give me spring anytime or for that matter a clear crisp winter's day!

Temperatures have been holding up well, and no further frost yet, but I guess its only a matter of time before it hits us again.

All the local councils say they have been stock piling salt/grit for the roads, and some have even bought new gritting machines. They probably haven't got the staff or money to run them but that's another story! We will see what happens during the first cold snap as to how prepared they really are. 

Well, back to my chores! More washing - a mans work is never done!!!!!

Till later.............

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