Thursday, 13 October 2011

I Won A Photographic Competition!

The National Trust were holding a photographic competition with the subject being of British wildlife.

The prize being two tickets for Wildlife Xpo being held at Alexandra Palace London this weekend.

I took this particular picture whilst we were away in August in the Breacons, he was sat on top of a wooden fence in a layby.

Here he is
I like the way he appears to be looking at me! I'm not sure what type of lizard it is, but he was probably around 4 to 6 inches long.

The sad thing is, we cant make it up to the show, its rather along way to go, but, it was nice to considered worthy!

I've always enjoyed photography, and over the years taken many pictures, "M" has often said I should enter some competitions, perhaps I shall!

Till later...............


  1. Well done Jools! Great pic, shame you can't use the tickets. Couldn't you pass them on to someone you know?

  2. Congrats-Sure would like to know what the creature is. I'll bet one of your many fans can identify it.

    Maybe you could give the tickets to your "critics" who've been hassling you. That would really wind them up.

  3. Nice Photo. I reckon that is a 'common lizard'.

    Easy T