Monday, 24 October 2011

Wrestling With A Hose!

During the course of my gardening escapades I happened to come across an old hose pipe.

Now being the sort of person who hates to throw anything away, I thought to myself, that would come in handy, next time I do the washing using our portable washing machine, instead of rolling aqua rolls about, all I need to do is connect the hose up and run it out to the awning and hey presto, a water supply!


So this morning, with a bit of washing to do, as I'm free today but busy the rest of the week, I hooked it up with new connectors which we bought from B and Q for the princely sum of £1.00 ! Yep and they work like they only cost a quid as well! False economy!

New leaky connectors on, turn the tap on, and walk back to the end of the hose. Nowt happening! Just a trickle, checked the end, it was definitely on, as there was a trickle coming out.

My powers of deduction being as sharp as knife, thought, must be a kink somewhere! I can here it fizzing in several places along the length of the hose, no wonder it was supposed to be consigned to the bin! 

I found the kink, easy solution I'll just  untangle it, as I did I heard the rush of water, and the sound of thrashing along with the sound of water escaping at speed and under pressure! It took me a few seconds to realise all was not as it should be.

You have all heard this sound, the sound of water bouncing off the roof of your awning, sat comfortably as the heavens open, sitting there smug, knowing all is well in your little canvas world.

My only problem was I had placed the hose under the awning bottom and it was in the awning by a good 10ft!

The water was hitting the inside of the awning roof and walls!

China dog did nothing to help and looked on with a bemused look on her face as if to say, I knew that would happen just didn't like to say anything.

The water pressure here is some what fierce to say the least, this resulted in 10ft of wriggling hose which had to be caught and shut off.

This done, I was a little soggy around the edges, there are puddles on the awning floor, my jacket and a trainer were full of water, and China dog thinks I'm a muppet!

Washing is now a success, even though the roof is still dripping!

The moral of the story being, always make sure the hose pipe nozzle is shut off before placing into your awning or infact anywhere unless you have it in your hands!

Time for tea - this washing lark is hard work!

Till later..................


  1. hi - i have left a message for you on facebook - we are soon to be living the same life as you!! we move into our caravan on friday - didnt realise you could buy portable washing machines - can you recommend a good one - thanks

  2. This is the exactly the same model as ours and it works a treat!

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