Monday, 24 October 2011

Weekends Go By Too Quickly!


"M" was working in the morning, so I had the morning to myself and just mooched around.

As soon as "M" got back a quick cuppa and a catch up and we were off to explore, looking for more campsites. We had been told about another one which is in the area that we want to be.

We found it ok, and had a quick drive in and a look around, it looked well laid out with plenty of room. I just hate being right next to someone, how folk stay on the large commercial sites always amaze me.

Not that I'm anti-social, in fact I'm very sociable especially if you visit with a few beers, but, why go away and be within touching distance of your neighbor?

Anyway, after this we headed over to see if we could catch up with "M"'s son, but he wasn't in so we dropped in to her daughter's for a quick cuppa in New Milton.

It sure does start to get dark early these days, as we drove home in the dark at around 1830ish!

A relaxing evening, a couple of DVD's and a beer.


No alarms this morning, but still awake by 0830, no real plans for the day, but the weather was warm and sunny so off to the coast. Southbourne to be precise and a walk along the beach.

It was quiet down on the beach, a bit windy, but it was a warm wind, China dog is allowed on the beach now, but she doesn't like the sea, so no matter how much we coax her, there is no chance of her going in!

We walked for a bit, then headed back up to the car and sat over looking the sea, watching kite surfers do their stuff, dining on pork pies, scotch eggs and crisps, as we had just been shopping!

As always the weekend goes by too quickly for us, and another week is over.

This year seams to of flown by so quickly.

News on the job front!

I called up a company that I'm hoping to hear back from, as it had been 3 weeks since I last heard from them. I've got an interview, they just don't know when it will be as the man I need to see is on holiday. So progress, all be it a bit slow!

They said that it will be in the next two weeks though - Fingers crossed for this, a complete change of direction for me, but then again, what's new!

Till later...................

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