Friday, 7 October 2011

Miracle - Awning Down And Packed In The Dry!

When "M" got in from work last night we managed to get the awning down, all folded up neatly and packed away without getting wet, muddy or blown away!

Considering we have had heavy downpours on and off all day and the wind has been gusting well, it was nothing short of a miracle that we managed to do it!

As we don't have any storage close by anymore, everything that we don't need has been packed away in the trailer. It really is quite surprising how much extra gear we seem to have, such as extra chairs and tables etc. Plus all the other bits and pieces that make life more comfortable.

The other good thing about the trailer is that the awning does not need to be compressed it can be folded and laid in flat squares approx 4ft x 4ft and the poles are left at their full lengths, saves time and trouble trying to figure out where they all go!

We are only taking the small porch awning with us for the weekend.

I intend to pull off site for 1200 hrs today, and be at our next site by 1215 hrs! It is just down the road!

"M" being at work all day, it's down to me to hitch up and move out on my own, but assisted by the ever faithful "China" dog.

She really isn't liking the cooler weather, and is currently curled up still under her blanket! She is not a morning dog at all.

Not too sure what sort of Broadband signal we will have down at our next location as we are down in a bit of a dip and in a wooded area, so it may be Monday before I can catch up.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and get out camping!

Till later...........

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