Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween! And 007 Herbert's Vitamin Recommendations!

It's not my cup of tea at all, Halloween that is and not "Hobgoblin" ale! Thankfully we are in the back of beyond and the chances of a trick or treater banging on the door of our caravan is remote to say the least!

It would take a brave child to walk down our track at night, we are rather remote where we are at the moment!

I must admit that even I can be a bit scared sometimes, especially if we have been watching a scary film!

Sometimes, when out walking "China" in the dark we scare the pigeons in the trees, as they fly off hitting branches as they go. Doesn't half make me jump!

I used to know a bloke called Dave "Griss" Sanders (as in the bear), now he was called "Griss" for a number of reasons, firstly he was the size of a bear and secondly he was as hairy! So a quite formidable character. However, "Griss" was scared of the dark, and would walk around at night whilst out on exercise in Germany waving a machete in front of him! Not the safest of things to do, so we tended to keep well clear of his vehicle just in case he was out, which luckily for us was rare.

We went out for a walk today, just around where we are pitched at the moment, so not a long walk at all, but on our wanderings we found the biggest mushroom/toadstool I've ever seen!

If there really are Hobgoblins, this is where they would take shelter! It was as high as "China" dogs back which happens to be 12 inches!

007 Herbert

Some of you who have been following for a while may remember our intrepid explorer and secret service agent 007 Herbert and his reports from strange places.

Well, he is in Singapore at the moment, and doing what all good spies do and that is to blend in with the local community. Now, he does struggle with this being well over 6ft tall and blonde haired in a country where the average height is 5ft 2 and predominately dark haired! 

Never the less, he reported back that he can buy 3 beers for £7.00 in down town Singapore and then sent us this picture!

Yes, it does say "Sheep Placenta" Not too sure how he came to be looking at herbal remedies, sometimes you just don't like to ask. However, I did, so we will hopefully hear back as to how he came across these pills and what they do exactly!

Till later.................


  1. regardijng you being a wee biot scared ...i was fishing at loch cluny a few weeks ago , the water was dead still , no movement at all , no wind at all , there was no moon due to clouds and miles from nearest town so no streetlight glow , it was truely pitch black , it was as dark as i think i have EVER been out in , it was so eerie it actually sent a shiver up my back a few times when strange noises were heard ... wont be back there i odnt think LOL

  2. Having lived in Scotland away from civilisation it sure does get dark up there! So know exactly what you mean.