Thursday, 6 October 2011

Autumn Is Here!

A wet and windy night last night. We are pitched near some tree's, not underneath but with this strong wind near enough for the seeds and small branches to be blown onto our roof of the caravan.

It sounded as if someone was playing pinball on the roof last night! Thankfully the awning is in one piece, I think that the extra ratchet strap to the centre pole at the apex did a good job.

The awning comes down tonight, so lets hope the wind drops for that little exercise, or "M" will be doing Mary Poppins impressions across the field with a mass of awning material!

We are off tomorrow to our last vintage rally of the season, and its just down the road at the Cross Keys Inn at Mannington. Not too sure how many engines will turn up, but we are going come rain or shine! I would of put a link to the pub but couldn't fine one!

The season of exhibiting has come and gone really quickly, and we have had alot of fun, made new friends and had an amazing time. All from the comfort from our caravan

I often get emails from folk who are thinking about or planning going full time in a caravan, which is great. I love being able to feel as if I can help in some small way to help others to a better way of life.

We have certainly seen a benefit and I only wish others would have a more open mind towards living in a caravan full time.

I often read through various forums, and am still surprised by the amount of negative comments that are given from those who are seeking advice. I saw one piece of advice recently that suggested that living on a site would be too costly! Not too sure how they came to that conclusion. The worst thing is that this was from a caravan related forum from a presumed caravanner!

Maybe they are fortunate enough to have their house paid off, and retired, but with the ever increasing household bills etc Im sure that £300 site fees its still less than their house running costs.

Im all for debate, but to comment in areas without first understanding or infact thinking about the costs is to me rather daft and negative to those who are seeking a different and better way of life for them.

When we had our house which we rented, our running costs were well over £1200 per month and escalating rapidly.

Im sure that some folk do not understand the cost of living these days. I personally feel sorry for the people just starting out in life and trying to get a foot on the ladder. Near on impossible in this climate!

Our situation is that we are mid 40's both from previous relationships where by we walked away with nothing or very little. So we are starting again. There is no way that we would still want to be paying a mortgage off when we are past 60 and finding a large deposit, well thats a joke in itself! Why have the mill stone of a house?

So if you are reading this and thinking about the possibilities, then stop thinking about it and start planning it! Be positive!

Any help that we can give you to make it happen we will, you can contact me direct via email at or leave a comment on the blog. Either way Ill get back to you as soon as I do.

You wont be alone, there are a few of us full timers out here that are willing to solve problems if you come up against anything and the advice will always be POSITIVE!

So please feel free to get in touch!

Till later................

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