Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shed Demolition!

Its not everyday you have the task of taking down a 30 year old shed. So today was a little different.

The shed was situated in a corner of a garden, tucked up close to another shed to its left, metal railings directly behind and a rotten fence to its right.

Trick of course was to take down, and remove with out damaging the other shed or the fence.

Having only access to the very front of the shed, left me little option but to make a full frontal assault.

The glass was removed from the windows, intact! Then the tongue and grooved boarding was hit out with a hammer, to allow some light in and the up right supports remaining.

All though the shed didn't look too bad from the outside, the floor was rotten, along with the supports and to the rear, the outside of the base was shot to pieces. The roof was also leaking.

The sides were all bolted to each other, but as they were all rusty I decided that it would be easier for them to just be pulled through the wood, then to try and undo them.

I then beat the sides out to see if that would loosen it all up a bit. Considering many of the supports were rotten, complete with floor and roof, it was a little stubborn!

I then managed to get it to lean over at an angle as you can see above, then beat out the front end remaining legs which let the roof collapse exactly where I wanted it to. No damage to the shed on the left and no damage to the fence on the right, result.

Once the roof was accessible I stripped it of the roof felt, as the Tip Folk would be sure to moan if I left it on the wood, then I started dismantling the roof section.

I managed to get more done that I thought I would, especially as it chucked it down with rain, and then it rained continuously for the last couple of hours.

Next time I'm there it will be completed.

I got back to the caravan to find several puddles on the awning floor, as the heavens had opened here. I was still soaked from my drenching earlier.

Nothing much you can do to stop water coming in, this is just one of the things you have to live with. Its no great shakes, it drains away quick enough, just means you have to think about what you leave on your awning floor!

A quick mention to Joanne and her husband who are going to go full time in their caravan as of this Friday! We wish them well, and a whole new world awaits you - hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Don't forget, feel free to ask us any questions you like, you may not get the correct technical answer, but we will certainly tell you how we do it!

Till later...................


  1. thanks for the mention! i am sure we will enjoy it very much - have left a reply for you on facebook which i find much easier!

  2. Well done on the shed demolition.

    Sadly, we're not in a position to go full-time in our caravan but it's a very tempting proposition.

    However, we're off for a weekend break this Friday and have been debating whether or not to take our porch awning, given that it's forecast to pour with rain and be very windy. Doing battle with a soaking wet awning in the teeth of a howling gale is not my idea of fun after a relaxing short break!

  3. Good luck Joanne & hubby :-)