Tuesday, 30 November 2010

All water on site frozen!

Well, all the water on the site is now frozen solid, luckily "M" doesnt work to far away from the site, so the aqua roll was put in the back of the landrover along with the hose and off I went first thing this morning and filled up there.

A bit of a pain, but, could be alot worse! Now planning on preparing incase there is a powercut, seriously started looking at generators!

The other thing we have finally sussed is the heating in the caravan! We had the problem of being either too hot or too cold, but what we have now started to use is the blown air system, this seems to regulate the heat alot more, so we now have it on all the time and we now have the temperature in the van at a steady 20 degrees, which is a lovely warm temperature. It also gives an even temperature, as before without the hot air being circulated your head was hot but your feet cold, now its roasty all around!

Just as well with all this cold weather going on! We still havent had more than a cup full of snow here in Ringwood, but on my journey upto Shaston this morning they had seen alot more. As soon as I drove past the Larma Tree it was like going from one room to another, one minute it was cold, but green fields, then cold and white fields with snow! A very strange sensation!

We both have new pairs of thermal socks, but my feet were still cold today! But as Ive been mainly sat all day, hardly surprising.

Just checked the outside temperature, and it appears to be warming up, its now zero degrees as opposed to -2! Does that mean that snow is finally on its way here!

Just swapped over the aqua roll and the bottom is like a slush puppie! Not good! will have to look at ways of insulating the bottom of the roll, the top and sides are ok, and its sat on a wooden plinth, but we still need to obviously do more!

Talking to someone today, they didnt know what an aquaroll was, I didnt know what it was till I started caravaning, its something I took for granted when talking about it, so will have to get a photo of one. Now wondering what other caravaning terms Ive used that non caravaners may not of heard of before! What about EHU or hookup? Legs up - Legs down? Grey Waste? Leisure Battery? CL or CS sites? Blimey, there are quite a few, will have to put together a caravaning/camping dictionary!

"M" is just getting the slow cooker geared up for tomorrows dinner, it definately is stew weather!

The stew was lovely, it snowed on the way in to Shaston this morning and whilst I was there, but heading back tonight, all though very white in Shaston, not alot anywhere else.

Stopped on the way back in Ivy Cross Esso garage in Shaston, and once again I was robbed by the garage in plain view of other customers. How much do you think it is to put air into your tyres, 50 bloody pence! For that I want the guy to come out and pump it up by personally blowing into the tyre. Am I being unreasonable or is the garage blatantly taking the piss! 20p is too much in my view, they should provide it free along with decent sponges, clean water, and a please and thankyou!

I would of used tescos but that was out of order, where every penny counts dont you know, yes all bloody 50 of them in this case!

"M" reckons Im sounding like a miserable old git, Im just a bit fed up with todays society taking me for every penny I have! Especially when there is no need, and thats the bit that gets me, As a company, what would it take to provide free air to its customers! Nothing!

My mate Mark who follows on here reminded me of another instance of sleeping in an inhospitable place. A clump of trees on the side of a hill in the middle of Otterburn, in weather similar to what we are seeing now! Out of 30 or so of us, at least half went down with hypothermia, thankfully being blessed with extra insulation myself and Mark survived that one! All we had for cover was a poncho and a sleeping bag each, those were the days!

Its funny that I could put up with that, but paying 50p to put air in my tyre upsets me! Strange!

Anyway, enough from me for now, hope you are all enjoying the snow, will catch up in a couple of days, as its flat out for me for the next couple of days!

Till later............


  1. Cool blog. Don't sweat too much over the 50p - you will end up having a cardiac lol. Keep up the good posts.

  2. By the way I would have posted a comment earlier but only started my blog today so didn't have an account to select in the Post As section.