Saturday, 20 November 2010

Update for Herbie!

Had text from a friend who was on a train drinking cider from a paperbag on his way to Geneva! Complaining that he hadnt seen any new blogs for a couple of days, so this one is all for you!

Had a busy week, back and forth to Shaston, very glad that the weekend is now here as Im knackered!

"M" had the day off on Friday, and spent the day helping out an elderly friend. When I got back we both decided that it would make a pleasent change to go out for a bite to eat. Not being something that we have done often enough recently! So we went into Ringwood, and headed for the Star Inn where they serve Thai food.

It was absolutley amazing, I had hot and sour soup, one of the best ever, with a hot red thai chicken curry, and "M" had butterfly king prawns with a chilli dip and kung po chicken, washed down with red wine for "M" and Blackrat Cider for me! It was one of the best meals Ive had in a long time. You just could not fault it. Ive eaten many a Thai meal and have spent time in Thailand, so if you are close, you need to pay it a visit. Their website is they even have accomodation!

Woke with a thick head this morning, which has taken most of the day to clear! Forgot to mention that before the Blackrat cider, bottles of ale, and several pints of Guinness were consumed! "M" drove!

Went to get my hair cut today, not something that I would normally blog about, but as its been 4 months since my last hair cut, and it was starting to look wild, and making me look more like a scrap metal/horse dealer by the day, thought it best to get it cut. Into Ringwood, and into Lords run by two guys. Only had to wait a couple of minutes, where I was ushered into a chair, and the barber just looked at the birds nest of hair on my head and said simply F**king Hell! What do you expect me to do with it! I calmly said a number 3 around the sides and back and short on top. His reply "Are you sure"? Now where have I heard that statement before!!!!!!

The cost was £7.50 but on giving him a tenner I felt so guilty that I said, keep the change Guv, you had to work for that! cheers he said, see you in 6 months time! I left him sweeping up enough hair to stuff a mattress!

We then went into a little Italian restaurant in Ringwood called Marina's Bettolla for a coffee, best Latte ever! Run by proper Italians. They do amazing meatballs - another place to eat in Ringwood!

After that we headed over to "M"s elderly friend where I had the task of completing a flat packed shelving unit! Im ok with DIY, I once built a complete kitchen, ok, the wiring was a bit dodgy, but its still up and the house hasnt burnt down, which is a bit of a surprise as I ran out of cable for the sockets and ended up using a piece of lighting flex to finish off! That was nearly 20 years ago! For the unit I only had to put the back panel on the back and screw the door on, so nothing to complicated, as "M" had done the rest the day before! As reward I ended up with 4 bottles of Becks and 6 frozen lamb chops! Thanks Daphne! Sunday lunch sorted!

Back at the caravan, did a little bit of work, and here I am now writing this! Tonight, we will be mainly drinking a selection of bottled ales, stored in the outside locker, which is acting as a very good chiller at the moment!

The only other excitement Ive had today was emptying the cassette which was worse than normal, lifting up the lid there was a thick scum of shite which smelt really bad. I have now perfected the art of breathing via my ears! Im going to look on ebay for an aqualung!

Im not kidding it was BAD and thats not a Michael Jackson "bad" more of a Slipknot "bad"

So there you go Herbie, a bit of reading matter for you, just make sure you dont fall asleep on the train and wake up in a train siding in a small Belgian town, like I did once!

Travelling back from Germany, having consumed numerous Carlsberg Elephant Beers, fell asleep, and was rudely awaken some hours later by a cleaner, they had uncoupled the last two carriages and shunted them into a siding with me sound asleep! I missed my ferry as well!

Till later....... When I may even write something about living in a caravan, but doubt it!

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