Monday, 1 November 2010

Spiders From Mars - Bulls In The Next Field!

Well, Im no expert on Spiders, but is this spider from around these parts? Looks like it should be living in some exotic part, not our bloody awning!

 Any ideas if its poisonous? If it is let me know asap, Ill call in the expert - "M" with a big slipper!

Got the washing line rigged up today, it has a bracket which can be screwed onto a post/tree etc, but I used tie wraps so as to not damage the post! worked a treat!

Two lines on the go, with great planning when we sited the caravan, the pole happens to be right in the middle, so I strung the line to either end of the awning and hung them over the metal spikes which stick out the awning! Tip Top!

The bulls took great interest in what was going on, or maybe the myth that they like red is true, a pair of "M"s red knickers were drying on the line!

Only young ones, but will grow up to be fine joints of beef one day! The one on the left looks rather tasty!

The trees on the site are looking rather splendid, only 3 units including us on site at the moment.
Woods behind our van!

Colours are amazing in the sun


Our nearest neighbour is centre left, you can just see them!

Can you spot the water point?

Me being artistic!
Paypal, playing up all day today, which was rather annoying! Infact it did a very good job of upsetting my Karma! Especially as I had a load of books which needed getting ready for postage! I use paypal to print out the postage labels! Finally got it all done this evening, inbetween washing (4 loads) and cooking a curry in the slow cooker, and I emptied the elsan today! Its not all swanning around and relaxing being a camper! Well not for this camper anyway!

Back in Shaston for 4 days this week! Not to sure what the weather is going to do, so will probably take the freelander, I dont like using the 500 on the rough roads, especially in the wet! With the freelander on the narrow bends, if I meet something at least I can get up in the hedge and not worry, the 500 I'd loose a wheel or the front spoiler!

10 more days here and we are on the move again, cant believe how fast the time is going! It seems along time ago that we lived back in Shaston!

Well, better get myself sorted for tomorrow.

Till later.........

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  1. oh the trees and the beautiful autumn colors! very nice photos, thank you for sharing, fall is my favorite season :)