Friday, 5 November 2010

I Love Our Life!!! by 'M'


I thought you might all be wondering about my point of view, and how I see things being of the female species!!

Well, where do I start. Well when I met Jools, I knew I'd finally met my life mate, the man I actually want to grow old with and do a lot of exploring together in the mean time. I told him I would live in a shack with him as long as we were together......not far off it so be careful what you wish for!.

Seriously, I highly recommend it if you want to get out of the renting rut.

So far I can see no down sides, the washing I suppose, some may see as tedious chore as using a caravan light weight twin tub; ( larger stuff my lovely mother and my work buddy Julie have offered to do. Unfortunately, as I see Julie more; she gets the short straw.) Each load takes about 1 hour, consisting of 3 shirts or 1 pair of Jools's trousers!! Which means that we have to sacrafice 1 day at the weekend to washing.

It's my long weekend off this week which comes around once a fortnight.

Jools's turn to go off to work and leave me at home with China.

The first thing I did was to get China in the car and head off to the beach!! We walked from Hengisbury Head to Boscombe Pier and back, it took about 2 hours so I figure it's about 3 miles each way as we don't walk slowly but counting China's piddles....

When we got back I decided to help Jools out and empty the **** tipper (cassette)!!!!!

Well that's a job that has his name all over it. I had to do it to make sure I could do it, Jools tells me that it's heavy and isn't a job for a woman (he's right about that) however I lift heavier things at work roughly every 5 mins, that reminds me of a joke...

Why are women crap at parking?..... 'cause men are always telling us that 3" is really 6". HAHA

Anyway he gets to keep that job! but at least I know I can do it in an emergancy, another job that I'd have to do is tow the van!!!! Not looking forward to that either, but better to do it now when I can bale out.

If I have to be honest the housework only takes about 1 hour and the van is clean from top to bottom even with a dog and Jools!!

Showering; umm, well it took a while to get to grips with as there isn't enough hot water for a girl to do all she has to do. But now I have all angles sussed.. alternate shaving, washing my hair, scrubbing my feet!!

I have noticed that when we both get in of an evening, do our chores and eat dinner then that seems to be us done for the night which is fine as I've always enjoyed Jools's company, even when we have nothing to say to each other. I know Jools occasionally mis reads me and is worried that I'm not happy doing this but truely I am and can't imagine going back to bricks and mortar!!!

I'm looking forward to Christmas, not just spending quality time with my lovely family but also as where we will be staying, a short walk out the back and we will be in open forest. Not to mention the PUB next door!!

In all seriousness, if you are contemplating doing what we are doing; if you are stuck in the rental rut and have a strong relationship then GO FOR IT! I LOVE IT

We have no Television which is great as I've never been into TV, more music and books.

Ask Jools, if you've had enough of my company then just put the telly on and I'll be asleep in 5 mins.

The van is a great model for 24/7 caravaning, has a full size fridge and cooker which was on my must have list. The Island bed was also a 'must have' as a couple of years ago I did my back in and didn't want to climbing over the bed to make it!!!

Separate shower and toilet is an added bonus, not essential, I've seen some new models which are great but I think that Lunar definately tops the chart with their models for full timing anyway. Plus It seems to be the only make that we both agree on.

Well it's Friday night so we're off to treat ourselves on a hard week done, Chinese take away here we come and back to van for my Vino Rouge and Jools's Cider!!!!

Hope you enjoy my part of the Blog!!!

Love 'M'


  1. Sounds like your having a awesome time. Can't wait for me and my hubby (casper the pooch too) to do this, were at the saving up stage for a caravan, seen one we like second hand for £6.500 so still got 4 grand to go! I'm so impatient seems like ages away! Been with my hubby 13 years now and were so happy in our own company so I know this will work, We don't even row so goes to show how compatible we are. Love reading this blog, look forward to more! cheryl xx

  2. Great to hear from you 'M'!

    Love reading the blog and would love to do what you have done, but other half would need a 5th wheel to get him to give up bricks and mortar, where I'd be off in a shot! He won't even do winter caravanning grrr.