Monday, 8 November 2010

Its White With Red Spots!

Well, what a day!

The rain started around 3am this morning, and didnt stop until 8am! The only way I can fully describe it for those of you who have never slept in a caravan during a storm, is try driving into a car wash/waltzer fair ground ride, getting a continuous wash for 5hrs, then reclining the seats and trying to get to sleep! I got up twice just to make sure the awning was still attached! I half expected to look out the window this morning and find we had been blown across the field!

The wind was very strong last night, you could hear it building up as it came through the woods behind us, then a real thud as it hit us on the back end of the van!

Luckily no damage! Looks like we are in for another night of it, as its chucking it down again! Think Ill sleep soundly though as Im shattered.

After spending the day, listing Chinese antiques, I collected my trailer from my parents house, and drove upto Westbury, as I had won 20 boxes of books off of ebay! The guys house was down a dead end lane, I had to phone him as I couldnt find his house, he came out, and suggested I turned around as the books were actually a couple of miles away in a store. He then said he would go back and get his vehicle and for me to follow. Ok, sounds simple, so I turned it around, sat there, then saw a car drive by, it was dark, so I couldnt see the driver, but thought, must be him, anyway, they sped off, and I had to put my foot down to keep up, they certainly werent hanging around! 10 mins later, and after nearly getting wiped out on a roundabout! I get a call on the mobile, the conversation went something like this! (guy) Where are you? (me) what do you mean where am I, following you in a white suzuki jeep, (guy) but Im outside on the lane and I havent got a suzuki jeep! (me) So who am I following? (guy) dont know, Ive got a white van with red spots on it (me) bollocks! Im following someone, who is driving fast as they think they are being stalked! - Did you just say red spots? (guy) yes!

I then pulled over, gave him my location and he came and found me, yes he does drive a van with red spots on it, something to do with pixies and being in touch with nature! I didnt ask any more as he did look a little elfish and I didnt want to be turned into a goblin! But if only he had told me about the red spots before hand, I wouldnt of frightened who ever was in that suzuki jeep. So if you live near Westbury, and drive one of those, sorry! Oh and the van driver I cut up on the roundabout next to the hungry horse pub and garage sorry!

On my way back I stopped at a garage, to get fuel, £1.16 - bargain, so filled up, went into pay, but,  I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "M" well it should of been a "M" only they changed it to Snickers a few years back due to Marathon in some language is a term of endearment only used by sheep herders to their flock in Backalacka Street - Iraq!

Anyway, I digress, picked up my marathon, the cashier goes, thats £20.69 I thought, thats strange Im sure I was on the dot for £20! So that means 69 bloody pence for a marathon! You should of been wearing a mask, you robbing b~*t%*d, I thought to myself, as he did infact look like a sheep herder from Backalacka Street, and he probably had a big machette under the counter! I did mumble something about cheap fuel, but robbed over my chocolate! Totally lost on him though, he did call me "Sir"

After unloading the freelander back at the garage, drove back over the hills to home, where it started to rain, and hasnt stopped since I got back!

"M" thats my "M" and not a "marathon M" had tea ready for me as I walked in the door, downed a bottle of spitfire ale, almost in one as I was gasping, wolfed my tea as I was starving, and now have the most awful indigestion! And to top it, China dog wolfed her tea down, then yakked it up, but waste not want not, she ate it again! At least it was warm second time around - eeeewwwww!

Just done my chores, of filling up the water, the ground is very wet! squelching when you walk is never a good sign!

Off to see a new client tomorrow in Bournemouth, so should be an interesting and hopefully a better day!

Till later.........

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