Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Theres a Nip in the air!

Theres a nip in the air today, and Im not talking about low flying Japanese people! Woke this morning to a clear sky, the sun just rising, it looked lovely but it sure was cold!

Last night "M" being very organised put together a beef stew and left it in the slow cooker, it went on at 7.30am this morning! and now at 7pm the meat melts in your mouth, just time for a bottle of Shepherd Neames Spitfire ale before we tuck in!

Went to Shaston, and as normal, went upto Wingreen to let China have a run around, today you could actually see the sea, which is just over 30 miles away! Even colder up there as it is a bit exposed to the elements.

Tapped keys all day, more Chinese & Japanese items, I think Im turning Japanese! But then again, that was a song by the Vapours, and the subject matter was totally different!

Just filled the aquaroll, emptied the waste, and loaded up the trailer with bits and pieces, checked the temperature and its -1 all ready! Now, if I lived in Norway, -1 would not be unexpected, but as we are only 10 miles from the south coast its a bit much! Are we heading for another ice-age? Some people are of the thinking that we are, well, best it waits another 50 years or so and I wont give a hoot, but at the moment, leave it out Guvnor!

I was almost talking cockney then for a moment, best revert to character, ooarrrrrhhhh, caint be doin with none of that there snow, me wellies are cut off and Ill ave im filled up with a girt load of snow and shite! So if e above think e can take the pissle outer us country folk e can think again! Me ferrets dont like the cold! Thats why we tie binder twine around our ankles, stops them climbing up our trousers. We baint daft sno!

Off now to listen to the Wurzles - Black bird Ill ave e, ows yr father, all right! (Well he was when I saw him on Monday) !

Till later.......

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