Tuesday, 9 November 2010

An Interesting day!

Woke up to the sound of rain again this morning! It has really thrown it down the last couple of days! The campsite ground is holding up well, there is only 3 of us here, so not exactly loads of traffic going through the site.

Got into Bournemouth this morning and spent the day listing antiques for my new client. He is an interesting chap and also an expert on Meissen porcelain.

Made it back to the van, and it was still light so it was my job to sort out the loo, all went well, with no splash backs or lingering lumps!

The gas finally ran out today after 30 days, which is the longest so far, considering we use the gas for all the cooking and boiling the kettle, its seems to of lasted ages this time.

We still havent got the awning down yet! We are going to attempt it on Fri evening, rain or shine its coming down as "M" is working Sat morning, and thats when we are moving. So its got to happen. Should be interesting in the dark!

I brought our trailer back with me the other night, as we can then sling everything in it, and not have to worry about space in the cars. Two trips to the new site, but its only 20 mins down the road so still worth it.

I tweeted in to Simon Mayo's show on Radio 2 for his 3 word monday, I said "Caravan Toilet Emptied" and he read it out! Ok, it tickled me!

"M" was talking to one of her customers today, and told them we were living in a caravan, their reply was, "Oh what a shame, Im sure you will find somewhere soon"! They missed the point completely! But once explained they did agree.

Back upto Shaston for the rest of the week, more chinese/japanese antiques! You certainly get to see and handle some interesting things in this game!

So all is well in our world....and considering the weather at the moment, no mean feat!

Till later.........

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