Monday, 15 November 2010

Catch up!

Saturday, was our 80th consecutive night in the caravan, sounds along time doesn’t it!

So what have we learnt so far?

1. Its definitely not as hard as we thought it would be!

2. Space is not an issue.

3. Its a lot warmer in the van than we thought it would be.

4. There are alot more people full timing than we realised!

5. People are starting to realise why we are doing this.

6. Keep your mouth closed when emptying loo to avoid lumpy splash backs!

7. Don’t try and wind up jockey wheel with legs still down!

8. Make sure a new aquaroll is fitted when taking a shower!

9. It is worth getting up in the middle of the night to check the awning when windy.

Nothing has really bothered us over the last 80 days, its all been fairly straight forward, so for anyone thinking about this, and from some of your messages we have been getting I know there are a few of you, but, if you can, pull all stops out and just do it!

We have just moved after spending 28 days, the maximum you can stay legally in anyone site. It was our third stay at this site and our longest in anyone place. The site was Silverwoods Farm, a Caravan and Camping Club site. Classed as a hideaway. It was a wonderful little place, and we hope to return in the New Year. I only hope by naming the site it doesn’t become too popular and we cant get in!

We are back now the other side of Ringwood at Upper Kingston Farm, we have stayed here before, it’s the one with the tractor graveyard behind it! Only 3 vans on site, but one is empty, the other, another full timer.

When we pulled in yesterday, it was too late to start putting up the awning, so we went off and did a bit of shopping, we went to St Leonards which is near West Moors and Ferndown. We first stopped off at Mcdonalds, haven’t had one in ages, and didn’t enjoy the one I had then. Im sure Big Macs are not as Big as they used to be, more of a medium Mac!

We pulled into Halfords carpark to eat it, and was amazed to witness the place overrun with rats! Heres two cheeky chaps below!
Broad daylight, they definitely were not shy in coming forward! Most were small but there were a couple of big ones scuttling about! Hardly surprising due to the amount of rubbish lying around. I reckon there were more than a dozen in a very small clump of bushes right next to the front door of Halfords! Not a very good advertisement for the shop! Not to mention a potential health hazard!

Sunday, and I’ve all ready posted what I think about Remembrance Sunday (read previous post). Today we were supposed to put the awning up, but its tipped down with rain, the ground is water-logged, so its being put off for another time. We have taken it down in the dark, so tomorrow evening, weather permitting we will attempt to put it up in the dark! Luckily we have a good light over the door which helps, and a torch strapped to my head should do the trick.

“M” went off to the laundrette this morning, so all the washing has now been done and packed away.

So a lazy day, possibly a DVD later, and some good home cooked food!

Another busy week ahead, 4 days up in Shaston, and a day in Bournemouth. So no swanning around the site for me, and Im afraid no time for listing my own books!

Monday, we woke to everything white! A bit of a heavy frost, but by 8.30am it had mostly melted away, upto Shaston for a day of tapping keys. Before I went I filled up an aquaroll, turned on the tap, nothing, frozen! 10 seconds later much to my relief it filtered through. But if that’s what its like now, what about when it gets really cold!?

We were supposed to put the awning up this evening, but we thought it best to give it another day of drying out. So tomorrow (Tues) will the day, as I finish early in Bournemouth, and “M” finishes early as well. Fingers crossed that the weather holds!

Got a good sunset this evening! The sky was just a multitude of colours. Absolutely stunning and the pictures do not do it justice at all. Once again, taken from Wingreen.

This picture was taken last week, just forgot to post it up!

Finally, heres a picture of the vase that sold for £43million pounds! It’s a reticulated double walled vase from the Qianlong period. It stands approx 16” and I’m sure that its previous owners are very happy with the outcome! The present owner having more money than sense!
Till later.......

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