Saturday, 27 November 2010

No snow in Ringwood!

Well as usual, after all the build up to snow falling it was a bit of an anti-climax! A light sprinkling which I could of done by scrapping the inside of our freezer box and throwing it around!

It is bloody cold though, its the wind that does it, even at 0 degrees the wind chill factor can be surprising, alot of people can get caught out with that.

Thats it so far!
"M" did a cracking job of making up the aquaroll jacket! It worked a treat with no signs of ice at all!
The bit on the top is an extra I strapped on just to make sure, the pipe is allready fully insulated with grey foam tubing, tie wrapped on.

The wind is picking up this evening! Just checked the storm straps, everything is ok!

China dog, is back to her old self more or less today, she slept all night, and was bright and alert this morning. She has been a bit wingie today, but that isnt anything to unusual. Given up trying to stop her jumping up on the seats. If it hurt Im sure she wouldnt do it! They did key hole surgery on her, you can hardly see the scar, all though they shaved a massive amount of fur from her belly! brrrrrrrr.!

"M" is off to a cousins baby shower in Bournemouth tonight. How American! Yuk! Just an excuse to get presents and call me old fashioned but isnt it tempting fate! I just dont like the idea of  it!

Heres China keeping an eye on the weather, especially with a shaven belly and little legs!
So it was fish and chips for me tonight, I really couldnt be bothered to cook, no cider/ale either as Im picking "M" up later. So an evening of surfing the net, and ebay!

Till later......

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