Sunday, 14 November 2010

Never Forget!

Its Sunday 14th November, Remembrance day. A day when we should all think back to those who gave their lives so we may live free today. As an ex member of the British Army (Royal Signals) this is something that I feel rather strongly about and I wear my poppy with pride. My Grandfather, who happens to be of American/Italian descent, landed on Omaha Beach during WW2, and amazingly survived!

I have read many, many books on both World Wars, and the courage, bravery, and dedication of these people is just mind blowing. Knowing the odds that were stacked against them, they still went and did their duty.

In one book, I read about a WW2 fighter pilot who on being hit, and knowing he would have to ditch in the sea, was only grieved that he had just bought a new pair of leather shoes, and they would be getting wet! These types of stories are not uncommon, along with the acts of bravery such as the WW1 piper who stood on top of the trench and played, unarmed, open to enemy fire, whilst the rest of his Regiment went over the top. This type of courage is as rare as hens teeth!

Thankfully, this courage is still with us today, and our brave lads and lasses still out in Afghanistan, and all the other trouble spots that they find themselves in are still fighting despite our politicians attempts to stuff them with crap gear, and low pay!

But why are they there? Should they be there? These are complex questions. But they are there as our Queen & Politicians have told them to go. And, so they go, no questions asked. Its what you do when your in the forces! Only ex or serving forces will probably understand that.

They are also there because they want to be. We don’t have conscription anymore, they all joined of their own free will, They took the Queens shilling. You don’t join the forces and not expect to get your hands dirty! They are there because the forces act as a family, one which you will never leave, they will always be there for you, no matter what. I personally know that if any of my close ex forces friends asked for my help, I would move heaven and hell to try and help them. No questions asked.

I left in 1990, what seems like a long time ago now, but a quick look at my facebook profile, its full of ex forces mates who I had served with. In fact its got more ex forces people on it than anyone else! How many friends from over 20yrs ago do you still keep in touch with?

Like I said earlier, once youre in, you are in! And, Im very glad that I had the opportunity to meet, work, live, drink, laugh and cry with such amazing people.

My only gripe is that those that are injured either physically or pyschologically have to rely so much on charities to support them. The Governement really needs to sort this out!

So please spare a thought and a penny for those who gave, and are willing to give their tomorrows so that we may have our todays!

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  1. Hiya, I've just caught up with your blog. Hope you don't mind but I put your link in my favourites when I saw it on a post from ukcs. I hope everything works out good living in your caravan & I'm so envious. I hoping once my kids leave home we can do the same.
    We've just clocked up 60 nights this season in ours but they are throughput the season.

    I wouldn't worry about the silly ar*ed people who have ukcs they'll end up banning all the people and have nothing left. They dint seem to know that it's the people they ban who help make there site a good one.

    Take care & enjoy. :o)