Saturday, 27 November 2010

Places Ive lived! Theres been a few! But Then again, I did it My Way.....

After the other evenings blog where I wrote about the places Ive ended up sleeping in, it got me thinking about the places Ive actually lived!

To say that Ive moved around a bit would be an understatement, its no wonder that Ive ended up living in a caravan!

So I thought I would try and jot down where Ive lived, just to see how many places there actually were and as this format is as good as any it would maybe make an interesting or boring blog depending on what you like reading!

For my first few years I grew up in a little village called Child Okeford, It was the family home, my Great Grandfather, had his business there, he was a cobbler. Strangely enough it wasnt till the house was sold and no living relatives lived in the village that the house was renamed Cobblers Cottage! At the age of 5 or 6 I moved to Shaston, (2) and to a brand new house on an estate. I became a towny! All though 5 mins walk from our house I would of been lost in woods or fields, so not exactly a built up place!

At the tender age of 15 and 11 months I headed off to Newcastle (3), well to be precise Ouston, which is out in the middle of no where, for my basic military training with the Royal Signals as a Junior Soldier! A year later after completing this I moved to Catterick (4) to embark on my trade training.

6 months later I found my self in Osnabruck (5) where I spent a mad couple of years at the infamous 2 squadron 21 Signal Regiment. It was an eye openner for a 17 1/2 yr old! It was full of lunatics, people were either being sent to Colchester nick or coming back from it! From there I ended up in Paderborn (6) then to Rhinedahlen (7) where I then spent 6 months back in the UK (8) Rhinedahlen has many fond memories, if only I could remember them! This is where my Army carreer ended as a Lance Corporal.

I then moved back to Shaston to my parents house (9) before moving to Salisbury (10) as I had found some gainfull occupation. I then moved back to Shaston (11) to my first brand new house! bought if for £52k sold it for £32k oh joy!

Then had a house in Gillingham, (12), then another house in Gillingham (13) divorced, so another house in Gillingham (14).

Decided to move to the other end of the country, Scotland, flat in Glasgow (15), then being a country lad, to a mobile home on a farm near Lesmahagow! (16) After that to a place called Banknock (17).

On my return to a more hospitable climate, ie, parents house yet again (18) then to a friends house (19) then to another house in Shaston (20) then to our last house (21)in Shaston. Then finally found my life in a caravan with multiple moves!! Ive lost count!

So 21 moves! Is that excessive? Perhaps there is a reason for this, if there are any psycho-analysis type of people reading this then let me know, or is the real reason simply that Ive got itchy feet and dont like being in one place too long! If this is the case, then I have found my ideal habitat!

Moving as we have done has its advantages, you dont get bored of the same view, you get to see a variety of wild life. Your surroundings change with the seasons and weather.

The disadvantages, you have to think things through a little more and plan ahead if you want to do something, as you have to work out where you will be! But honestly I cant think of many disadvantages.

We used to live in a house, whereby we would constantly worry about how the bills were going to be paid! We dont have to do that now! The relief of not having to worry is amazing, and for those of you who dont have to worry to much, sit back and take stock, and thank your lucky stars that you dont have to and appreciate the fact!

They say money cant buy you happiness, this is so true, just over 10 years ago I was earning serious amounts of money, had the 4 bed detached house, two holidays a year abroad, wife drove a Mercedes, but where did it get us, no where. Im earning far less these days, but am I happy? You can bet your last shilling I am. This is a lifestyle that you will either love or hate. I dont think there are any inbetweens in this game.

Thankfully Ive found someone who shares the same idea's as me, she is the most amazing women I have ever known. We have a plan, we are slowly getting there, we are not on a get rich quick scheme, it will take us a few years, but it will be worth it all in the end.

Along the way, we will encounter many obstacles, setbacks, dramas, but also alot of fun times and happy memories - the next couple of years will probably be a bit of a rollercoaster, but, thinking about it, that sort of sums my life up!

So buckle up, and hold tight, 2011 is just around the corner, its going to be a fun year!!!!

Tag along if you can keep up - Things are going to get hairy! (this was a strap line I used when I organised the Meatball Rally) A mad dash of cars and people all in fancy dress, from Shaston to Swansea then back again! And yes it was hairy, very hairy! but thats another story for another time.

Till later...........


  1. I sent a pressie ! brown jiffy envelope ! speak to farmer ..hes maybe forgot !

    Finally got this working , been an avidreading your blog since before you started , you should list a separate email address for people to email , you might find theres a lot more people reading than you think but they dont have blogger etc account to leave a message

  2. Hi, Paul, havent received anything here yet? where exactly did you send it??? Your kindness in eager anticipation is most welcome!

  3. Hi Paul, it arrived today! Thankyou very much! we have to be careful as Bournemouth International Airport is probably only 5 or so miles away as the crow flies! Will add your website to our links page!!