Friday, 12 November 2010

Awning Down In The Dark!

We made the brave decision last night to take the awning down, as we move on Saturday!

Trouble being, we are both at work all day, so the only chance we got was Thurs evening. Ive been watching the weather all week, it hasnt been good, the awning held up well, but Thursday morning just as I was leaving, one of the sides lost all its pegs and was blowing in from the bottom!

I went outside to re-peg, but the ground was like porridge due to the amount of rain we have had, so thankfully, I had 4 or 5 boxes of books in the awning, they came in handy as weights! folded the bottom edge of the awning in and sat the books on top - worked a treat!

Getting the awning down in the dark, wasnt too bad at all! Only took us an hour and a half to get it all stowed away! And it stayed dry and it wasnt windy at all!

If you remember I think I mentioned about all the ladybirds we had in the awning, well we found them all again, they were in the edges of the guide rail, and in the ends of the poles! loads of them! On the way to Shaston this morning they had hitched a ride and were in the Landrover as well!

Feels very exposed not having the awning up! And alot less room, as we now have to keep boots/shoes in the caravan! As a result of that the floor gets dirty really quickly! China isnt keen on having her paws wiped each time she comes in either!

We havent told her yet, but depending on the vet, she is off to be neutered next Fri! We got her as a rescue dog, the rescue centre told us she was two and had been done, but, she's now around a year and a half old, (we have had her 6 months)! and has had a season! Pups not being an option living how we are living, Im afraid it has to be done! A shame really as she is cute looking, and with the right cross, would of made some adorable pups!


Not too sure what is wrong with the folk there, but it appears Ive been banned! Well, that is the only conclusion that I can come to! They havent replied to any of my emails that Ive sent them as I cannot leave any replies to posts on the forums, or even edit my profile!

The only thing I can think of is that on all my posts I mention my blog! Nothing wrong with that is there? and if there is, well, they shouldnt be so petty minded! Perhaps they are like some of the folk Ive come across, armchair campers who would like to see us fail in what we are doing, well, Ive got news for you, we are absolutley loving it!

If anyone from UKCAMPSITES is reading this, let me know, and Ill block you! See how you like it! I wouldnt of minded, but to recieve no replies to any emails sent to them, is totally unacceptable in this day and age! Manners cost nothing! Perhaps they should also remember that its people like me, who by clicking on their banners actually make them money towards their website! That old saying, cut off your nose to spite your face, springs to mind!

Well, thats the way it goes, perhaps they became so overcome by jealousy they couldnt bare to hear how well we were doing!

Talking of which, tomorrow night (Saturday) is our 80th consecutive night! It seems alot longer than that! Any regrets? Just the one! Wish we had done this sooner!!!!!!!

Till later.......

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