Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Miracles Do Happen!

A little while ago I told you about our friend Kev, who had an unfortunate accident with a garage door. Well, last week he was transferred from Southampton Hospital to Bournemouth Hospital as its closer to his home, today, he was discharged! Still wobbly on his feet, and he's not up to doing too much, but he can get about. All in all, a miraculous recovery, considering the injury he recieved!

Ive been back in Shaston the last couple of days, back up at 700+ foot above sea level it was plain to see that the trees had lost their leaves a lot quicker than those down here! One thing about Shaston I dont miss is the wind, its always blowing a gale! Mind you, we lost alot of leaves last night, the grass on the site is now a yellow carpet!

We are also being stalked by "dun dun daahhhh" (murder mystery noises) Moles! They are currently surrounding the caravan and awning, Not sure what their plan is, but it looks like they are going to dig a trench around us, due to the amount of mole hills springing up, then they can send in their experts to get at my cider! Well, Im not having that, so Ive removed my cider from the awning and its now in a cupboard next to the fridge!

They are crafty little blighters, with a good eye for top soil!, I was on Wingreen hill today, walking China dog, and they even had mole hills up there, which was a bit of a surprise, as the ground is chalky and full of flint, yet, the mole hill was perfect top soil! How do they do that, a bit like Steve Mcqueen, they carry good soil in their trouser turnups and deposit it where no one would suspect. Only Ive caught on to their game, the thing being, where are they escaping from? And why? Is there a hidden conspiracy that we dont know about? But if I see a gymnasium horse turn up at the camp site and a motorbike, Ill start worrying!

This needs investigating! You know when stories are leaked to the press and they say its from a mole who works on the inside, well perhaps it really is a mole! They werent kidding! Perhaps the country is being run by moles, just us daft humans havent realised yet, it would explain alot of things, ie, the short sightedness of the last government!? (and possibly the present one)!

Caught him eyeing up the wastehog!
Off out now to inspect the perimeter, wish me luck, I may be gone some time..

Till later......

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