Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spent Tuesday, tapping keys for an antiques dealer based in Bournemouth, he went up to London and viewed the vase from my last post! He is an expert on Meissen porcelain, and a very interesting gent!

We put the awning up last night, in record breaking time of just under 2 hrs! That also included laying the awning carpet, and filling it with all the paraphenalia we seem to cart about with us! Just in time, as not long after it started to rain! It hasnt stopped since!

So far, we seem to be on the only bit of high ground on the whole site, but 6 ft in front of us is under at least 3 inches of water! Time to dig out the armbands and lilo!

Wednesday, it still hasnt stopped raining! The awning is dry inside, which is a miracle considering the amount of puddles forming around the caravan! The journey back here this evening was rather interesting, so much water on the road, thankfully I was in the Freelander and not the Fiat 500!

Had to empty the loo out this evening, not a pleasant job, especially in the dark and wet! Had to be done though the red light was on! And as I couldnt convince "M" to use a bucket till it stops raining, off I went!

We bought a stove top perculator which is supposed to do 6 cups, well, 6 cups my arse! egg cups maybe but certainly wont fill my 100 yr old King George V and Queen Mary mug!

They certainly made good mugs in those days, this one has survived over a year of going through the dishwasher yearly
They certainly made good mugs in those days, this one has survived over a year of going through the dishwasher daily, and now bouncing around in a caravan! The picture on the front is still clear and a good colour, only the gilt to the rim has rubbed a little. Not bad considering its age and that it was supposed to go in a display cupboard and not to be used!
So we will be having a Royal wedding next year! I wonder what sort of memorabilia tat will be produced for that! And in a 100 years time will there be some bloke sat in his caravan with a William and Katherine mug next to him moaning about the quality of todays china!

Till later..........


  1. I have a few Royal memorabilia mugs and glasses - all have lasted pretty well. This time round I expect there will be free tattoos and piercing for young people to mark the wedding or something cool to interest the youth of today. Possibly mcdonalds will create a special burger or perhaps gastric bands and breast enhancements will carry the royal wedding logo? hope you haven't got washed away?

  2. What fabulous ideas, these Im sure will end up in "The Sun" newspaper! best patent the ideas now! And the good news is that all those local authority workers and anyone else set to be made redundant next year, at least they can watch the 24/7 tv coverage all day on the lead up to the wedding without having to go to work! (As there isnt any)! We will have to keep an eye out for the worst piece of memorablia - It could almost be a blog on its own! "M" has just said she has seen a baseball cap with them both on! aaaarrrrhhhh!