Sunday, 21 November 2010

Talking about the caravan - For a change!!

Toilet Fluid. Not an exciting subject, but its the one thing we use a good amount of. We have tried all sorts of different fluids, but we have settled for a supplier and his fluid which smells good, and works!

We originally found these guys on ebay under the user name of caravanessentials, but we now just go direct to them, this saves them the ebay fees, we still use paypal as thats the easiest way of payment for us.

You can find them at we bought 10 litres of blue and 10 litres of pink, I put the order in on the Sunday evening and it arrived Tuesday. So next time you need fluid for you loo, get hold of these guys. Excellent service, and the fluid does exactly what its supposed to do.

We cleaned the roof of the caravan today! It still had a load of leaves on it from our last site! Strangely enough, they were partly stuck on and in the breeze they flapped around and made a bit of a racket, so "M" went up the ladder whilst I held it and swept the leaves off! Nice view!

We emptied out the trailer as well today, and brought all the items into the awning which looks a bit fuller now, especially as Ive set up a photographic table at the end of the awning, I taped the grey paper to the van with a paper masking tape and rolled it down over the table and then clamped it to the table top. Makes the photos look 100% more professional! I was meant to take it down today, but just didnt get around to it.

Its been a bet of a lazy day today, probably due to the fact I over did it last night, Crabbies Alcoholic ginger beer and Mount Gay rum is not a good idea, or the many bottles of ale I got through as well!

Just had lamb chops and roastie potatoes and steamed veg, very good indeed, and just about to settle down to watch a dvd,so....

Till later............

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  1. Jools. Good for cleaning the van