Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh, Those Were The Days

Through my work, which is either dealing with antiques or books, I came across this little black and white picture in a book called  "The Dorset Coast" a Ward Locks Red Guide, published in 1966. There are only a small amount of pictures in it, looking at the one below, how easy was it then to just pitch up where you wanted! EHU? never heard of it back then! Gas lamps if you were lucky! And dont forget to pack the shovel!

Simple Camping!
 Might of been a bit dodgy if the wind got up! Also just a tad too close to the edge, wander around the back after having a drop or two of cider and it will be the last pee you ever take!
Its at Durlston Bay in Dorset.


Ive been told by my Mum, who reads this blog! that at the tender age of 3 I took a disliking to a mole and bashed it with a shovel! Now, if that was today, I would of been whisked away for physciatric tests, and labelled a menace to society, and rehabilitated with x-boxes, nike trainers and a new gold chain. But back then, well, boys will be boys!

However, Mother thinks they are getting their own back now, and I can see why, look at the size of this mole hill! I put my shoe next to it just to give you some idea of scale!

Its massive, now its getting dark early, there is no way I want to meet the bugger that dug that up! I always thought they were small, this must be the size of a small cat! Thankfully, no new hills, but that one is definately getting bigger! What is their plan?

On twitter today, I recieved a tweet saying that China was the cause behind the shortage of solar panels in this country. Well, our dog has been blamed for many things, but this is a first!

Today has been spent, listing books, and refilling the aqua rolls, as we have been in washing mode. Im sure the other campers are wondering what we are doing with all the water, Ive made 5 trips with two 29ltrs of water! If anyone asks Im filling the hot-tub! That would make them wonder, seeing as we do have an awning that could house the London Philharmonic Orchestra!

All week Ive been handling Chinese antiques, some of which are absolutely stunning. But, the only problem is that all Ive thought about is Kung Po Chicken and Egg Fried Rice! So last night as a bit of a treat we drove into Verwood to a Chinese takeaway called Champagne, a bit of an odd name for a chinese takeaway we thought?

Walked in and met by two young girls running the desk, complete with two computers, its the first time Ive come across a computerised takeaway! Made me chuckle a bit as the kitchen was right behind them! But, I guess it helps with the stock control and the like.

The food, well Ive had better, and had alot worse, all though their hot and sour soup was awful! Very peppery, now, I like it spicy hot, but it just didnt taste good, the crispy shredded beef and egg fried rice was ok, and "M" had Kung Po King Prawns (expensive tastes)! which was pretty good with mushroom rice, total bill £21.00 not bad I guess. So out of a score of 10 I'd give it a 7. Will have to try and find another one for when we are next back this way.

We move next Sat to a little farm site the other side of Ringwood, we have been there before, and looking forward to going back, its not as secluded as this site, but its only 5 mins from "M"s work so good for her, but adds another 12 mins on my journey back to Shaston.

This week coming, Im back in Shaston for 4 days, and then in Bournemouth for a day with a new client, so should be an interesting week. Always something new, and something new to learn! You could never get bored doing what I do.

Now the sun has dropped down behind the tree's its getting a wee bit nippy! But seeing as it could be alot colder and wetter I shouldnt really be complaining!

Received the new book from Caravan & Camping Club this week, havent had a chance to take a good look through yet, but I think there are a couple of new sites added in our area.

We are starting to think about the shows that we do with the Stationary Engine as well, the first one we think is the first bank holiday weekend at the end of April. Ive got to take the fuel tank off the engine and give it a clean out, as at our last show, it became clogged up with years of muck! Got a mouth full of petrol as well, if I remember rightly! Looking forward to doing the shows in this van, we have done two with this van so far.

Well, enough from me for a day, but before I finish, glad you all liked "M"s contribution, hopefully Ill get her to do more as time goes by!

Till later.......

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