Friday, 11 February 2011

Another Week Bites The Dust!

Thats another week done! I really dont know where the time goes!

Tomorrow, being Saturday as long as its not blowing a gale the awning will be coming down in the afternoon ready for our move on Sunday!

So tomorrow morning Ill be emptying out the awning of all the things we seem to accumulate over the last few weeks!

Thankfully we have packing up down to a fine art, it doesnt take us long at all to get sorted out.

We are only moving 5 minutes down the road, so no travelling involved.

People often ask us, wouldnt you rather just be in one place, well, the honest answer to that is no. You could look at having to move as a hassle, personally I like the idea of it, however I wish someone would invent a pop-up awning! I like the fact that we are going some where different, even if it is only down the road, it will still have a different view, different sounds, and different people! I enjoy the change!

Its a level site, 5 pitches, surrounded by trees. Easy access and loads of room! We are only there for a few days, then on Weds we are back here again! Joined next weekend by an old Army mate Mark, his wife Kate and his two daughters. Alot of catching up to do and old tales to tell, which Im sure will at some point find there way onto here, well, the printable ones anyway! They are down for the week, with so much thats happened over the last 20+ years I wonder if we will cover everything!

We had all of 5 mins of sunshine today! Could do with a bit more of that, it makes it all so much better!

But at least its been mild! Ive had the caravan door open into the awning all day today.

"M" due home, so best get on and get the washing up sorted out, new man and all that, all though often guilty of leaving bits of stuck on grub on pots and pans etc! I dont claim to be an expert so its to be expected!

Till later...........

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