Monday, 28 February 2011

Cadac Bolted Together - Now Where's That Sunshine!?

We took the Cadac out of its box yesterday and bolted it all together. We didnt get to use it yesterday due to the weather being rubbish.

We went for the carri chef, which consists of a ribbed grill and flat grill (which is the same bit of kit, you just turn them over) the BBQ, the pan stand and the lid. We also bought a magnetic spatula and a cover.

So as Im itching to give it a go, if its dry tomorrow I might just have to try it out as we have bacon and eggs in the fridge! I may even do an omlette on it!

I spent the day back in Shaston, the time flew and managed to get loads done!

It was "M"s first day back at work after having a week off and she struggled!

Im not going anywhere till late on Thursday now, so working from the awning for the next few days. Looking forward to that.

The evenings are definately drawing out, as I walked out of the office this evening at 1800 hrs it wasnt completely dark, I could see my way without breaking my neck on the steps as it takes a few seconds for the security light to click in!

We are both so looking forward to the summer, we feel that we have done the hardest part and survived the winter!

Not sure if I have mentioned it but last weekend was 6 months of consecutive nights in our caravan! A big milestone for us both! Its funny as depending on what we are thinking about it either feels a long time ago or just 5 minutes. Weird!

One thing we havent done, but need to do rather urgently is sort out the shows we wish to attend. Ive got as far as printing the forms out, just need to fill them out and get them posted!

Tomorrow Im on the search for new trailer tyres, Ive no idea when they were last changed and I dont really want to have a failure with the stationary engine in the back as that could get a bit messy! So will be getting the tyre spec and seeing what we can find on good old ebay!

Well, dinner is just about to be served, Chicken covered in cheese and bacon with roast potatoes, roast parsnip, peas and carrots! Who says you cant cook in a caravan!

So till later.................


  1. Hope you manage to sort out your trailer tyres. Three years ago, on the way to a show with my now ex, we lost a complete wheel off our trailer, which was loaded with a Ransomes MG2 crawler and a garden tractor. Good old AA winched the whole lot onto a huge breakdown truck and brought it back home for us, with us following in our van. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't had the breakdown cover.

  2. Review the CADAC please. We were looking to get one now we have decided to go all in on the van living :)

    Deposit has been paid :)

  3. Hi Tigs didnt get around to checking tyres out today! So busy!!

    Hi Johnny5 - will do a full review on Sunday as we have friends coming over and the cadac will be getting a hammering!

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